Weston gets nice redevelopment grant

Look out Queen West—John Street is on the rise.

The Urban Land Institute is giving almost $24,000 to kick-start revitalization of John Street in Weston. The money will be matched by other organizations, which will bring the total up to about $80,000.

Competition for the money appears to have been stiff. Ours was one of only two projects in Canada awarded a grant; twenty-eight other projects around the world were given money, but few received as much as Weston.

The money will go towards the regeneration plan that will make the street more attractive for retail, create a permanent space for the farmers’ market, and make a better link from the village to the commercial district.

In the press release, Frances Nunziata said, “This is a positive step toward seeing the community’s vision for a revitalized Weston Village become reality”

The plan and the grant have grown out of the Urban Land Institute’s design conference, which was held in May of this year. That conference was an intense planning session to take advantage of the redevelopment opportunities coming out of the building of the Air Rail Link and the new Weston station.


Construction this weekend

GO Transit would like you to know that there will be intensive construction this weekend around Weston and Lawrence. GO will be building to pedestrian tunnels under the tracks so that future users will be able to get to the new station.

Excavators, cranes, dozers and trucks will be working day and night through the weekend. Residents can expect extra noise and truck traffic around the site just south of Lawrence.

If you have any questions, call Mark at (416) 241-2300.

Mike Sullivan rails at Metrolinx

Our new MP has let little grass grow under his feet before exposing another Metrolinx contradiction. According to an article in the Toronto Star, Sullivan discovered that there is a two-foot difference in height between GO trains and the proposed airport link diesels. This will require a separate, higher platform for the ARL.

Sullivan says that in the past, he was fobbed off by Metrolinx who claimed that because of the need to match floor height with GO trains, there were no eligible electric trains. Now it turns out that not even Metrolinx trains meet this requirement as platforms for the new diesels will need to be two feet higher than GO train platforms.

Another online campaign to stop diesel trains begins

A west-end resident, Stephen Dorsey, has started an online campaign to stop Metrolinx’s purchase of dirty diesel trains.

The campaign uses Xtranormal video, the deadpan, automated cartoon videos that have generated a lot of buzz over the past few weeks.

Dorsey tries to leverage Rob Ford’s ‘Gravy Train’ campaign, by pointing out that the diesel trains will be expensive in the long run. He also also takes plenty of shots at Metrolinx and the Premier.

You can view the site and the videos here.