Inspiring story of UrbanArts teacher

Patrick Brown Jr is legally blind, the result of childhood hydrocephalus. That hasn’t slowed him a whit.

Despite it all, Brown remains positive and loves to share his passion for music. Certified to teach beginners piano, he’s already had a few students, has helped teach at music camps and currently volunteers at UrbanArts — an arts-based program for youth in Toronto’s Weston/Mount Dennis community.

InsideToronto has an inspiring piece on this great young man.

UrbanArts gets a huge grant

UrbanArts, a local community arts group, received nearly $750,000 from the provincial Trillium Foundation last week. They’ll use the money to expand their arts programming over three years into five more neighbourhoods.

Laura Albanese announced the funding at UrbanArts’ AGM on May 4. The grant will allow UrbanArts to grow into each of the Neighbourhood Improvement areas in the riding.

Map of the new areas
From UA

The Ontario Trillium Foundation gives grants to community groups across the province with money raised from lotteries.

Urban Arts survey

A few years ago, UrbanArts moved from its John Street location to a bigger location on Bartonville, in Mount Dennis. Now, they’re looking for your feedback on how to best use the John Street space, which hasn’t been quite as jumping as it was.

They’re say they’re looking at “expanding our services to the entire population while still maintaining a focus on youth. Programs and services will now be offered to adults, seniors and inter-generational groups.”

You can provide feedback by filling out an online questionnaire.

UrbanArts is hiring

UrbanArts, whom I worship, are hiring seven young people for summer positions. They’re looking for three summer arts councillors and four mural artists. The work sounds great, too. Work starts in July and ends in August.

Visit their site to get your little layabout out.