VCCU raising money for flood victims in Peru

The good people at the VCCU (Weston’s finest credit union) are raising money for flood victims in Peru. If you would like to donate, you can do so in the branch until next Friday. Should you wish a tax receipt, you can donate online.

CCA’s partner in Peru, Norandino Co-operative, says that several of its cacao producer families and communities have seen homes destroyed, product washed away, limited mobility and increasingly limited/interruptions with water, electricity and internet. One of the major roads leading out of the city was blocked the other day with a river of water running through it. There have also been reports of an increase in mosquitos and mosquito born illnesses, including dengue. 

“We have lost everything, but we have life and the strength to start over,” says Norandino president Santiago Paz López. “We just need a helping hand to get our lives back.”

Payday loan shops face push

City Council is considering a motion to space out payday loan shops. The motion would force money stores to be separated by at least 400m and increase the licence fees from $1000 to $3000. The motion was seconded by Frances Nunziata.

There are at least 10 cheque-cashers and two pawn shops in Weston. This bylaw would not affect them; it will only affect new businesses. 

The law will reduce the number of cheque cashing businesses, but will likely enrich the existing owners by reducing competition.

The motion would also ask the province to reduce the interest rate to 35%. It will also build encourage credit unions and banks to set up (or not leave) priority communities, like our own.

Finally, it will ask the feds to look into a postal bank—an idea recently championed by ACORN in Weston.

This Thanksgiving, donate to WAES

This weekend is the best weekend of the year. It’s the weekend my family always gets together to celebrate birthdays and Thanksgiving and the changing of the seasons, and even though we are thoroughgoing atheists, we give a little shout-out to the universe for all its many blessings.

If, like me, you have a lot to be thankful for, I hope you’ll consider passing along some of your good fortune to the Weston Area Emergency Support. At least three local organizations are supporting the WAES: the Victory Community Credit UnionCentral United Church, and Weston Memorial school.

You can also give online.

(And can I, as a amateur economist, prod you a little to give money? Imagine what it must be like for the WAES to receive two cans of cranberry sauce but no gravy. Or macaroni but no ketchup. If you give cash instead of cans, they can go buy what they need most. Plus it’s super easy. You can do it online.)

You can drop off your donations, or cheques, at the VCCU.