West Park to be redeveloped

The West Park Healthcare Centre in Mount Dennis has asked for permission to change their campus quite a bit: one central building will replace three of the older buildings leading to “loss of the central lawn”, road building, and “potential impact[s] on the open space, natural heritage areas and trees on the lands”.

WP proposal
WP proposal


West Park now
West Park now

The planning process has been going on since 2003, and a new building is justified on the grounds that the older buildings are not up to “contemporary standards of care”.  In 2010, the centre received its first round of approval from the city.

Still, the central lawn is one of the facility’s most striking features: I wonder if it was for sick tuberculosis patients to take the air back when the site was the Toronto Free Hospital for the Consumptive Poor. It would be a shame to lose it; the site also provides riverside greenspace, and a mature tree canopy.

A meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 5 to discuss the proposal. I’ll update when I find out where it will be.


Albanese’s been busy: new family health teams announced

Laura Albanese, our MPP, has had a busy week. Yesterday she announced that the new Humber River Regional Hosptial and the West Park Healthcare Centre will get ‘family health teams’ to “provide increased access to care for 40,000 residents.” Earlier this week, she announced that West Park will be expanding.

Family Health Teams are supposed to more closely integrate doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners to improve the quality of care. They also offer extended office hours and after-hours care. The government says that this reduces costs while improving care by diverting patients from emergency rooms.

West Park Healthcare Centre to expand

The Ontario government announced new funding for one of the major healthcare centres in the Weston area. West Park will receive a new building, 51 new beds, major renovations, and a new physical plant.

West Park is at Weston and Jane and provides rehabilitation, community living, and complex continuing care. It also conducts research and other programs, generally for seniors and those living with disabilities.

Laura Albanese, our MPP, said in a press release

Improving the availability and quality of the local health care system for the residents of York South Weston is something that I’m particularly proud of. The West Park Healthcare Centre construction and renovation project clearly demonstrates our government’s commitment to accessible and excellent health care for all.

The press release also touted the benefits for Weston and Mount Dennis: “When construction commences, the investment will be an economic stimulus to the Weston and Mount Dennis communities, attracting more professional and higher paying jobs and create economic stimulus for construction trades.

West Park Healthcare Centre to offer primary healthcare

Are you struggling to find a family doctor? Do you have to go to another location for appointments with other health care professionals or to fill a prescription? Good news may come soon from West Park Healthcare Centre, which has announced that a team of health care professionals will be set up in the near future to cover ‘primary health care’. Details at the moment are sketchy, but the announcement can only be good news to people in the Weston community.

In addition to doctors, the team will include other professionals such as a dietician, nurse practitioner, social worker, patient educator, pharmacist, and chiropodist. Presumably patient records and referrals would be shared so that many needs could be met by a single team. One drawback is the lack of TTC service to the main buildings— currently it’s quite a walk along Buttonwood Avenue from the nearest stop at Weston and Jane, especially if you’re fighting a cold.

West Park’s Director of Public Relations, Vince Rice, says that more details will be available once written confirmation of the announcement is received from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. He also says that West Park continues to lobby the TTC for a closer drop-off location, but has so far been unsuccessful.

WestonWeb will bring you further details as soon as they are announced.