Trains make first run through tunnel

The first trains went through the Weston tunnel today. Metrolinx said in its press release that “with the trains running in the new tunnel, the major work for the Weston Tunnel project is now complete…. This is a major achievement for the $1.2 billion GTS Project whose objective is to increase rail transit capacity by widening the rail corridor for additional tracks.”

Right now, only GO trains are using the tracks. UP Express trains will start running in the spring, and CN trains will continue to use the level tracks outside the tunnel. Transitdrum118 captured the historic first run.

TPA opens John Street parking lot to developers.

Quietly advertised in Lennard’s commercial real estate website is a 252 x 245 foot irregular property known as 16 John Street.┬áIt was the old GO Station’s parking lot and is currently home to the Weston Farmers Market.

The Toronto Parking Authority wants to sell the development rights to the site and asks that the purchaser build a 70-space parking lot for use by the TPA (and presumably the Farmers Market). The listing says that:

Area Is Undergoing Significant Change With Other High Rise Condominiums Planned In The Immediate Area. The Site Will Also House A Cultural/Creative Hub And Provide For Surface Parking For The Toronto Parking Authority.

It might be nice to know what other condominiums are being planned for the ‘immediate area’. In addition, one can only hope that the bidding process is transparent.

Start saving your pennies; the due date for submissions is 12 noon on October 4th. A PDF of the listing is here.