WHCD Study expansion

The city will be looking at part of Weston to determine whether it has a unique character, and whether is should be recommended for conservation and enhancement. The WHCD will be having a meeting on August 21 to discuss the new areas and next steps.

The effort to create heritage districts in Weston has been going on for quite a long time. It started in 2004, and the first phase was completed in 2007, with the creation of a conservation district in two areas around Weston Road.

Phase Two was to include the area between Rosemount, Pine, Church, and MacDonald.

Now, however, the city has taken over planning of conservation districts, instead of leaving it in the hands of community groups.  The WHCD says that the city is “ready to proceed with the study of the Weston Heritage Conservation District, Phase II, with the intention to go by the old boundary to Elm Street.“¹

Heritage conservation districts are “historically or culturally significant and require special care and attention in the planning process to ensure that they are conserved.”

A heritage designation limits what people can do with their properties.  Construction and restoration must be done with neighbourhood guidelines, and demolition is not allowed under most circumstances—including by neglect.


¹ My emphasis. Also, full disclosure, I live just past Elm Street.

NNO a smash

Neighbours’ Night Out was a smash this year. The weather was wonderful, and hundreds of people came out to listen to live music, eat, and  just hang out.

Neighbours’ Night Out is, if you ask me, one of Weston’s highlights—up there with the Santa Claus Parade. But things keep getting better. This year, I think more community organizations than ever were there: off the top of my head, the WHCD, Frontlines, some weirdos who think that sweating is fun, and Shakespeare in Action. Some great-looking vendors were there, too—but I ran out of time because I talk too much.




Fantastic pictures from TPL website

Someone at the Toronto Public Library is uploading the most fantastic pictures of Weston and environs. They’ve been really busy, too, uploading a few every day.

The pictures are in the public domain, and you can order prints, if, say, you’re looking for a gift. But most of all, you should go and behold the fantastic differences and astonishing similarities in life then and now.

Events for the week of December 4

St John the Evangelist community meeting

The school board will be holding a community meeting at St John the Evangelist school on Tuesday, December 6th at 7pm.

Agenda – The board will be updating our community on all temporary accommodation options for students considered by staff.

CSAC will have a table in the Gym to help answer concerns and to gather more emails in an effort to advocate for a replacement school, not just an addition to our 1953 building which already has an addition.


Weston Historical Society Hymn Sing


Navigating the University and College Application Process: a Presentation by the Toronto Employment & Social Services

Applying to a university or college can be competitive and complex.
Universities usually receive more applications than they can accept.

This information session will:

  • describe the university and college application process, including information about application
  • deadlines and fees
  • discuss the various financial supports available, such as Second Career and ASETS
  • explain how to get your post secondary transcripts

For more information or to register, please call 416 394-1016 or register in person

Thursday, December 8th
Toronto Public Library, Weston Branch
2 King Street

Post-Secondary Application Deadline is coming. Register for a FREE information session today!

UrbanArts Winter Expo

The Winter Expo is an exhibition of dance, music, spoken word and visual arts created by the participants in our After School Arts Programs, as well as other artists in the community.

The expo will be December 8 at 6 pm, the LEF at 1267 Weston Road.


Neighbourhood Arts Toronto

The community meeting is our stepping off point where we will ask questions and learn more about Weston and Mt. Dennis’ creative scene.  The meeting will be a good opportunity for participants to hear more about what’s happening in their local area and will help us better understand how people value the arts. There will be food and we promise to make it fun!

Meeting details

Place: Weston Library, 2 King Street

We want to know:

  • How do people participate in the arts? By this we mean all kinds of art forms including music, dance, spoken word, media arts, poetry, visual arts, hip hop, theatre, crafts, photography, painting, murals  and mash ups of all the above.
  • What goes on in places dedicated to the arts like galleries and theatres but also what gets created in homes, courtyards, church basements, community centres, common rooms, parks and alleys?
  • How do people hear about what’s going on in Weston and Mt.Dennis?
  • Where are new ideas coming from?
  • Who are the people making things happen in Weston and Mt.Dennis?
  • What is Weston and Mt. Dennis’s best kept creative secret?

We’re organizing a community meeting because we want to meet:

  • People who attend arts events in Weston and Mt.Dennis and/or in other parts of the city
  • People who participate in arts projects or create their own work and enjoy the arts for the love of it
  • Professional artists who live and/or work in Weston and Mt.Dennis
  • Artists who have recently moved to Canada and have made Weston and Mt.Dennis their home
  • Anyone who lives and/or works in Weston and Mt.Dennis and is interested in creative activities in the neighbourhood

What Can You Do?

  • Help us promote the community meeting by passing the word via your networks
  • Help us identify artists, arts groups and community agencies using the arts
  • Attend the meeting and contribute to the discussion
  • Agree to an interview in  the new year (we’ll contact you in January to set up a time)


Pearls of Wisdom Fundraiser for York West Active Living Centre:




AGM season starts this week

There must be a tax reason why AGMs are all happening around now. I just got back from  one, and two are planned for this week in Weston.

The Weston BIA AGM will be tonight, Monday, at 7 pm at 4 John St.

On Thursday, the Weston Heritage Conservation District will be meeting in the library, starting at 7. Cherri Hurst will be stepping down, and Dave Bennett will be taking over as President.

The WHCD is looking for websitey people to do websitey things (don’t look at me!).  They are also hoping to find some volunteers to help with research—they’ll teach you, and students can get volunteer hours. If you’re interested, send me a note, and I’ll pass along the contact info.

WHCD wins Trillium award

The Weston Heritage Conservation District group won a large grant from the Trillium Foundation earlier this year. The grant is for $50,000, and will allow the WHCD to do more research about the architecture and heritage of Weston and to progress with the second phase of their heritage plan.

The  group was able to get the westernmost part of Weston declared a conservation district in 2007, a designation that protects the properties and character of the area. It means, among other things, that new buildings should look similar to older ones and blend in according to architectural recommendations  laid out in a series of public documents.

The Trillium money will be spent “researching all of the houses within the phase 2 boundaries, creating files for each house regarding their style, age and other attributes, like who has owned it over its life span—that can be interesting if it is found that it was someone special or of particular note”, according to Suri Weinberg-Linsky. The new area is much larger than phase 1 and will take years to research. Phase two will be between MacDonald and Church and between Rosemount and Pine.

Weinberg-Linsky was grateful for the money; she said, “We are very lucky in that people believe in the District and have participated in our efforts!”