Whose party is it anyway?

July 1 preparations in Lions Park this morning.

Did you ever get an invitation to a party where you are footing the bill?

You have now. Toronto city councillor Frances Nunziata and MP Ahmed Hussen have sent invitations to ‘their’ party – that you are paying for.

Nunziata’s reads,

I am thrilled to co-host my first Amesbury Canada Day in Amesbury Park from 12-10PM. Mayor Tory will be stopping by for the fun. Flea market opens at 9 AM. Fireworks show at 9:45PM!

I am also hosting my annual Canada Day party in Weston Lions Park from 5-10:30 PM. Fireworks at 10 PM!

Bring your family for all the food, fun, and celebration!
I look forward to seeing you at one (or both!) of these exciting events!

Hussen’s goes like this,

I am hosting my annual Canada Day party at Weston Lions Park (Weston Road and Lawrence Ave W) from 5pm-10:30 PM. I warmly invite you to bring the whole family for an evening of food, fun, and celebration! There will be food trucks, inflatable rides, and entertainment for all. Be sure stick around for the fireworks show at 10 PM! I can’t wait to see everyone there!

At least MPP Faisal Hassan isn’t claiming credit for your Canada Day celebrations.

Let’s hope we’re not at the banana republic stage where politicians have to dispense largesse in order to stay in office.

Oh wait; Doug Ford. Peel me a $20!

Fireworks this Sunday

Last year’s fireworks. From Toronto.com

Weston’s Canada Day fireworks display is one of our more spectacular annual events, little known outside our community. This Sunday, beginning at 10:00 pm sharp, Weston’s annual firework display will be launched from the southernmost baseball diamond in Lions Park as part of the July 1 activities.

The old fairgrounds at Lions Park (next to the arena) will see action from 5 pm with food trucks, bouncy castles and a bubble show involving the creation of gigantic bubbles up to 50 feet long.

Sunday’s forecast predicts a scorching high of 36° with a chance of showers in the evening so prepare to be warm and thirsty.

Weston’s sports complex

The sports complex at Lawrence and Hickory Tree Road is a little quieter than usual. York Weston Tennis Club‘s courts are closed for major renovations. The city will pay for the resurfacing but not the acrylic top coat which will be applied early in 2014 after the new paving has time to settle. The resurfacing itself will be done soon in conjunction with the final coat of asphalt on the parking lot. The fencing is being removed for the work but will be re-used if possible. Members will be on the hook for the cost and while the club doesn’t have the estimated $27 – $50,000 cost, members who wish to lend the club money for the top coat will get 5% interest on their loan.

Fencing being removed in preparation for court resurfacing.
Fencing being removed in preparation for court resurfacing.

Weston Pool is also gearing down for the return to school and will close for the summer on Sunday September 1 at 3:45pm. According to manager, Brock University student (and camera shy) Sarah, the pool employs 10 – 12 local students every summer serving 10 – 12 hour shifts.

The pool on a quiet, overcast morning.
Weston pool on a quiet, overcast morning.

Oddly, the snack bar has not been opened since 2001. It occupies prime space at the front of the building but for some reason has sat idle for more than a decade.

The snack bar has a window at the right of the pool entrance.
The snack bar has a window at the right of the pool entrance.

A tenant could rent the space for the summer and serve the hundreds of daily swimmers as well as passing traffic. In addition, they could be charged with keeping the area free of litter. Manager Sarah could shed no light on why the space has gone unused all these years but it shouldn’t be too hard to bring it up to speed if a Weston restaurant wanted to open it for the summer.

The snack bar interior.
The snack bar interior.

Perhaps Westonians can shed some light on this mystery. Let’s hope that red tape is not getting in the way.

The soccer field is in action for many hours a day. The venue has proven to be so attractive that groups of soccer players use the large garbage and recycling bins as goalposts for smaller games. The downside of this is that litter accumulates in the places formerly served by the bins.

Training aids or garbage bins?
Training aids or garbage bins?


WestonWeb attempted on several occasions to contact Parks supervisor Diane Czapla but her phone mailbox has been full for several weeks. Perhaps 311 can help.