Weston Lions Arena donates $10,000 to food bank

I’m told the  Weston Lions Arena has the best french fries in Toronto—and I’m embarrassed to say I have never tried them. They must be good though, because the volunteer-run snack bar just donated $10,000 in proceeds to Weston Area Emergency Support, the local food bank, despite having the season cut short.
The gracious organizers have a ton of class, too. They wish
to  thank Weston Minor Hockey League and GTA hockey families and teams for their support throughout our 70th season.  All of our Snack Bar workers are Lions club or student volunteers.  All sale proceeds from our coffee, pop and Famous Arena Fries are directed back into the community.

Rob Ford votes against all grants to benefit Weston

City Council awarded hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of grants in its last meeting before the summer. Rob Ford voted against every single grant that would have benefitted York South—Weston. He was the only councillor to do so.

The York Youth Coalition received $40,000 from the City of Toronto to continue projects in Weston Mount Dennis.The coalition is an umbrella organization that works with the Learning Enrichment Foundation, Urban Arts, and area youth, among others; they are using the funding as part of a four-year project “building youth capacity, enhancing community engagement and mobilizing youth.” Support for this grant was nearly unanimous; only Ford voted against it.

The Weston Minor Hockey League was given $10,000 by the city. Your humble correspondent would have thought Ford a sporting kind of guy. Not so. Ford voted against hockey.

The Community Action Resource Centre project to improve safety in YSW with resident consultations, safety awareness workshops, and 25 community ambassadors received $40,000, and Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, to help minorities and low income people, was given $46,800. Ford was, of course, the only person to vote against these grants.

Rob Ford received 60% of the vote in York South—Weston.