Know any Weston and Mount Dennis photo spots?

The city is asking for your input on what areas of Weston and Mount Dennis deserve photographing.

According the Councillor Nunziata’s office,

The City of Toronto will be enhancing its photo collection of each ward across the city. Our office has been asked to identify the top five spaces and places in Ward 5 (York South—Weston) that tell the story of our ward.

This project is intended to build the City of Toronto’s image database to showcase the broader city. Please identify five iconic spaces and places in our ward that tell our community story (e.g., community hubs, parks, landmarks, tributes to the history of the community, artworks, etc.)

You can submit your ideas online, but do so before July 8.

30 click speed limit proposed in much of YSW

Red and blue streets will not have their speed limits changed. Black streets will have the limit dropped to 30.

The Etobicoke York Community Council will consider whether to lower the speed limit on all “local roadways” in Ward 5, which covers Weston and Mount Dennis.

“Local roadways” are the great majority of streets—the last meters between major roads and driveways. In these maps, they are the black streets. Blue and red streets will not have their speed limits changed. (I may have copied the maps for all all of Mount Dennis and Weston. If your street is missing, let me know.

The speed limit changes come from the “Vision Zero” plan the city adopted in 2017.