UP Express to cost $500 million to electrify

The Wynne government will need to pony up $500 million to electrify the UP Express line, according to InsideToronto. The cost is, according to the article, in line with predictions.

The budget to electrify the Union Pearson (UP) Express air rail link will be released in a matter of months, a Metrolinx senior-level manager confirmed this week….

According to Pitre, the current budget estimate falls in line with previous projections from 2010 which found the project will cost $450 million for design and construction costs.


Debate videos online

You can find videos of last night’s debate between Laura Albanese and Paul Ferreira on the WestonWeb YouTube channel. (The videos are uploading now, and should be done by Friday morning.)

I apologize for the quality of the videos and audio; it was a bit of a gong show around my house last night. I had to make do with my little camera and a seat in the audience.

The debate was often very spirited. The politicians’ supporters heckled, booed, cried ‘Shame!’, and called their opponents liars. At least one supporter was escorted from the meeting. The result was, well, not exactly a frank discussion of the candidates’ ideas.

At one point, the moderator had to ask for calm, and a representative of the Learning Enrichment Foundation had to remind the audience that the LEF “has been for years a place of open dialogue, questions, and respectful discussion.” He went on, in a voice filled with emotion, “I would ask that here, where people come to learn, and come to turn their lives around, that respect be shown.”

I am sorry to say that the heckling restarted only shortly later.



TIFF schmiff

Sure, you may not get your picture taken stepping out of a limousine, but you can no longer complain that you never get invited to gala screenings with filmmakers, celebrities and politicians.

Mike Sullivan, our MP, has invited you to a screening of Bending the Rails, a documentary about the Georgetown rail expansion. It was made by a local filmmaker, Jeff Winch.

Sullivan and Winch will be answering questions after the film, which will be shown on Friday, September 30 at Weston Park Baptist Church, at 1871 Weston Rd. The movie starts at 7.