Prehistoria Museum is so cool

Mount Dennis has the coolest museum in Toronto. InsideToronto profiled them this week.

Prehistoria is a museum devoted to weird and wonderful artifacts from around the world, and its sister store sells many of them, including  cave bear molars, beaver teeth, and human bones and brains. If you’ve ever wanted to own an “overmodelled human skull from the Iatmul peoples of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea”, you may only get one chance.

Prehistoria is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from noon until 6 at 1193 Weston Road.


Eyesores may be demolished to make room for apartments

Two of the ugliest eyesores in Weston are edging closer to demolition. Builders have applied to the city for permission to demolish the two abandoned houses around 2272 Weston Rd to construct a 12-storey apartment building with 121 units.

The houses on site have been abandoned for many years–at least 5, and likely many more. 

Eleven townhouses may come to Weston Road and Victoria Ave

The parking lot and building around 1681 Weston Road may be demolished to make room for a development of eleven townhouses. The plan, which would build between 1677 and 1681 Weston Road, would put seven townhouses fronting onto Weston Road, and four more behind on a laneway.

The land recently sold for about a million dollars, and currently holds a used-car dealership. The plans are for quite tall and narrow four-storey buildings, the design of which hardly delights your humble correspondent. Still, used-car dealerships are hardly the stuff a thriving community is made of.

City staff are considering the plan now.

Squibb’s turning 85

Squibb’s Stationers will be turning 85 this week. The beloved Weston bookstore was started on May 5, 1927 by Arthur Squibb and his wife Cary. It is the oldest business in Weston, and the oldest stationery and textbook store in Toronto, according to the owners.

In the press release, Suri Weinberg–Linsky, the current owner, says,

Working with some of Toronto’s best private schools has kept the store in business despite shifts in the marketplace over the past 20 years.  After major changes in the public school system changed the way they do business in the early 1990’s, the store has had to adapt to stay relevant.  While the primary part of the business is textbooks for Grades 1 through 12, the store also offers all kinds of stationery products including business and office items, social stationery including wedding invites, art supplies and school supplies as well as a large gift selection and Bibles.  It is a store that is unique and different.

Suri and Mike, her husband, welcome you to the store for a little get-together from 1–5 pm on May 5. Squibb’s, as if you didn’t know, is at 1974 Weston Rd.

Weston Historical Society on Facebook and looking good

The Weston Historical Society would like you to know that they’re not at all stuck in the past—they’re going gangbusters on Facebook!

They have a lots of material to peruse, (unfortunately, it seems that you have to be a Facebook member to view it), and they would love your submissions and memories.

A sampling of the photos on the WHS Facebook site.

Mayoral awards for Weston groups

Frontlines Cooks and the Weston King Neighbourhood Drop In have won nice awards from the mayor. They won the Community Safety Award in November, and each received $1000 and a commemorative certificate.

Frontlines Cooks

 is a cooking class that builds on peer mentorship and healthy living. Children learn about menu creation, healthy eating, and how to shop on a budget. Meals are shared together, along with table manners! Full bellies and full hearts.


The WKNC Drop In is a safe place for the marginalized to hang out, get warm, do laundry, and meet and network.

Thanks to Frances Nunziata for the tip!

Weston bus routes face cuts

All but one of the bus routes that serve Weston will be cut, if the proposed service changes to the TTC go ahead. The cuts come even as the TTC faces increased ridership and increased fares, but they have been required by the Ford administration at City Hall, which has asked all city departments to reduce budgets by 10%.

The only bus route to not get trimmed is the 59 Maple Leaf. It faced and escaped a cut earlier this year, so it is a bit odd that it was not cut this time around. All the other routes serving Weston got something on the order of a 7% service reduction during some hours.

One fewer bus will serve the 52 Lawrence West route, which will come every 7 minutes and 30 seconds instead of every 7 minutes during the midday from Monday to Friday. Two buses will be cut from the airport service on the 52 Malton, which will now come every 7 minutes and 30 seconds, instead of every 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Three buses will be cut from the 35 Jane street morning route. It will come every 3’03” instead of every 2’52” during morning rush hour—a small change, but one that amounts to a 6% cut. In the afternoon rush, 4 buses will be cut, and it will run even less frequently: every 3’34” instead of every 3’10”.

The 89 Weston bus will now come every 7 minutes and 40 seconds, instead of every 7 minutes during the afternoon rush home. One bus will be cut during those hours.

The TTC will decide next month whether it will raise fares by 10¢.