Squibb’s turning 85

Squibb’s Stationers will be turning 85 this week. The beloved Weston bookstore was started on May 5, 1927 by Arthur Squibb and his wife Cary. It is the oldest business in Weston, and the oldest stationery and textbook store in Toronto, according to the owners.

In the press release, Suri Weinberg–Linsky, the current owner, says,

Working with some of Toronto’s best private schools has kept the store in business despite shifts in the marketplace over the past 20 years.  After major changes in the public school system changed the way they do business in the early 1990’s, the store has had to adapt to stay relevant.  While the primary part of the business is textbooks for Grades 1 through 12, the store also offers all kinds of stationery products including business and office items, social stationery including wedding invites, art supplies and school supplies as well as a large gift selection and Bibles.  It is a store that is unique and different.

Suri and Mike, her husband, welcome you to the store for a little get-together from 1–5 pm on May 5. Squibb’s, as if you didn’t know, is at 1974 Weston Rd.

Weston Historical Society on Facebook and looking good

The Weston Historical Society would like you to know that they’re not at all stuck in the past—they’re going gangbusters on Facebook!

They have a lots of material to peruse, (unfortunately, it seems that you have to be a Facebook member to view it), and they would love your submissions and memories.

A sampling of the photos on the WHS Facebook site.

Nunziata to Sullivan: Weston Road and Oak Street congestion not your concern.

The 1920s era railway bridge looking south on Weston Road

If you have made the mistake recently of trying to go along St. Phillips to Weston Road stores at the Crossroads Plaza or the 401, patience is a virtue as you inch across the Humber a few cars at a time. The same goes for those heading through that same junction on Weston Road which is down to one lane at the old railway bridge. There aren’t too many alternatives although some drivers are finding a back-door route through Weston Village. According to the official City link, the work (and blocked lane) is scheduled to continue until the end of 2014.


from OAK ST to ST PHILLIPS RD. Utility relocation and road re-profilling (sic) work on Weston Rd from Oak St to St Phillips Rd and Humberview Cres. Northbound curb lane closure to be implemented continuously.
START: 2012-Mar-01 12:00:00 AM
END: 2014-Dec-31 12:00:00 AM

INFO UPDATED: 2012-Mar-14 2:33:44 PM DISTRICT: Etobicoke York
WARD: York South-Weston (11)
ID: RD2545823

Utility relocation; looking North on Weston Road

This was already a difficult bottleneck especially when tag-teamed with the lights at Oak Street but now it’s an exercise in frustration. Needless to say, people are not very happy about the delays and some raised the issue during MP Mike Sullivan’s recent town hall meeting. Sullivan agreed to follow up and ask Councillor Frances Nunziata what was being done to ease the congestion. According to Paul Ferreira at Mike Sullivan’s Office the Councillor isn’t playing ball, saying that she would rather deal with constituents directly. I checked the Councillor’s latest newsletter but sadly there was no mention of the issue. Paul helpfully included the councillor’s email address which is here: [email protected] – or you can contact her by phone at 416-392-4091.

Metrolinx buys two properties north of tracks

Metrolinx has purchased the Hardwood Flooring Center and the grey and white house at 2417 Weston Road, just north of the railway bridge near the Superstore. According to Vanessa Thomas, Media Relations Team Lead, they bought the properties because the bridge was too low. Lowering the road would make it difficult to access the properties.

Both properties were purchased through “amicable negotiations”, and 2417 Weston Road is currently being used a staging area.

According to Thomas, when the construction is complete, the new bridge will be safer. It will be wider and will not have a centre pier. It will also have better sight lines and a bicycle path.

Thanks to the tipsters! Keep ’em coming!


Council wants to hear from you about Weston 2021

Frances Nunziata wants to hear from you about Weston’s future.

Etobicoke York Community Council will be meeting on February 14 to discuss the big changes to Weston discussed in the “Weston 2021 Revitalization Strategy”, which in turn sprang out of the consultations of the past year. Among them,

  • The new creative hub and Farmers’ Market at the John St parking lot
  • The redevelopment of John Street
  • The ‘renewal’ of the troubled buildings at 1765 Jane
  • New street furniture, widened sidewalks, and improved signage
There is a lot of information in the reports (I’ll try to put some of the highlights up over the next few days), and this meeting looks like it will be important.

Community Council will meet in the Council Chambers of the Etobicoke Civic Centre at 399 The West Mall. You should register in advance if you want to make a deputation. contact Rosemary MacKenzie at (416) 394-8101 or at [email protected]. If you can’t make it, you may submit written comments to [email protected].

Frances Nunziata says,

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the Weston 2021 Revitalization Strategy and encourage you to send your comments or attend the Community Council meeting on February 14th!

Toronto Public Health sweeps through Weston

Toronto Public Health seems to have gone for a stroll up Weston Road. Most of the food-serving businesses passed comfortably, but two establishments took yellow cards for being, well, barf-inducingly disgusting.

Seif Halal food market at 2371 Weston was carded for not ensuring food safety, not providing hot and cold running water, not having towels in the food area, not having a thermometer in the food area, allowing employees to wear filthy clothing while preparing food and for, finally, not producing the food safety report—which was, ironically, a green-card pass. (No longer!)

China China restaurant was practically Michelinian in comparison. They only had trouble… let’s see… using soap, cleaning the toilet, keeping hair out of the food, and keeping the food off the ground. No big deal, really.

Mt Dennis bank, daycare to be expropriated

In Mount Dennis, the Bank of Nova Scotia and a daycare will be expropriated to make room for the Eglinton LRT, according to Frances Nunziata.

The westernmost station will be at Weston and Eglinton, no longer Jane and Eglinton, and it will be in large measure underground. Previous plans had called for the expropriation and demolition of more buildings; now only two will be required.

Nunziata says, that things

are still very preliminary at this point, but the City will be requiring that the daycare be relocated within the community and in close proximity to where it is now, so that it doesn’t cause unnecessary strain or inconvenience for those that use the services. They will also be working with the Bank of Nova Scotia to find a suitable place within the community.