Daycare at Pelmo PS–coming soonish

Pelmo Park Public School has asked the city for permission to build a  4000-square-foot single-storey daycare attached to the main school building.

According to Chris Tonks, the centre will hold 49 children, from infant through to preschool, and will accept city subsidies. It won’t, however, open until after 2021.


Tonks says that Weston Memorial has also been approved for funding for a 49-spot daycare. It, too, is in the early stages of the process, and will not open until at least 2021. Still, this is great news; Weston has not had an institutional daycare since we lost Weston Village Childcare 5 years ago.


Too little, too late

When Westminster United Church closed last year, the Weston Village Daycare was forced to close as well. Many parents (and citizens) wondered why that had to be so—isn’t it better, after all, to make a little money from rent rather than none at all?

Almost a year after the church shut down, it remains unsold and vacant. (Your humble correspondent thought about buying it but found the $3,850,000 asking price slightly out of reach.)

Next week, City Council will debate a motion by Paula Fletcher that would ask staff to figure out what can be done in situations like this. If passed, staff will inventory the services provided in churches and come up with options for preserving them when churches close.

Westminster United Church closing

Westminster United Church will be closing for good this summer, according to
. The daycare there, long a fixture in Weston—and the former caregivers to my daughter—is scrambling to find new space.

After meeting with the congregation, it was decided in late November/early December to close the church at 69 William St. for good, citing declining membership. The last service will be June 16.

“Of course parents are very concerned,” Cross said, adding daycare children range in age from 18 months to nine years old. “We want to be able to walk the kids to school and if we went a little bit further, we will have to secure a bus. We’re hoping within a month or two we’ll know who’s bidding to buy the church. We’re hoping it’s another church and we’ll be allowed to stay. It’s so sad the church is closing.”