Weston is a “red zone” for bikes—but that isn’t changing

The city says that Weston and Mount Dennis are “red zones” when it comes to cycling and social equity—but it isn’t doing much about it.

The city says that Weston Road would make an excellent bike route (red in the map below). But according to Spacing Magazine, it’s not going to happen. It’s not part of the city’s 2021–2023 implementation plan.

Jane St (orange) would make another good route, but it will only be studied —though, as I reported earlier, the city had been planning extensive bus-only lanes. As far as I know, the orange route along the railway tracks is only a dream.

Planners did say that there will be

Weston neighbourhood connections extending from Silverthorn Ave and Trethewey Dr.. and will connect to the Mid-Humber trail and
closure of the gap.

However, in the city’s recent briefing slides, these connections are only to be studied.

Mount Dennis is in particularly bad shape, with less than one percent of the street (measured by the kilometer) having a bike route. However, Mount Dennis looks to be getting only a path along Eglinton, to connect to the new station.

Transportation Services will be reporting on their new bike plan for 2021–2023 later this fall, and will bring it to City Council.

Weekend of theatre and music

Shakespeare in Action is bringing a number of really great events to the Little Avenue Memorial Park on the August 1 long weekend. It sounds like it will be really fantastic.

Musicians from the Weston Silver Band (100 years old this year!) will be playing on Thursday, July 29 starting at 7 p.m..

A Weston Weekend of Music & Theatre image

On Friday and Saturday,

The Weston Weekend of Music and Theatre program will include two danceworks choreographed by Neshama Nashman, one of which, a setting of J. S. Bach’s “Erbarme Dich” from St. Matthew Passion, was premiered last month to great acclaim by Ballett am Rhein in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Rebanks Fellows performing in this event are: Jillian Bonner, mezzo-soprano; Michael Bridge, accordion; River Guard, tenor; Jessy Je Young Kim, violin.

Finally, on Sunday, August 1 at 3 p.m., Wajdi Mouawad will reprise his role in the very excellent one-man play Alphonse.

Alphonse is lost and walking along a country road, weaving an intricate web of stories, while everyone is searching for him: parents, friends, teachers, the police. What they find is the thing we often give up in order to grow up.

A Weston Weekend of Music & Theatre image

Tickets are free, but donations are accepted.

Know any Weston and Mount Dennis photo spots?

The city is asking for your input on what areas of Weston and Mount Dennis deserve photographing.

According the Councillor Nunziata’s office,

The City of Toronto will be enhancing its photo collection of each ward across the city. Our office has been asked to identify the top five spaces and places in Ward 5 (York South—Weston) that tell the story of our ward.

This project is intended to build the City of Toronto’s image database to showcase the broader city. Please identify five iconic spaces and places in our ward that tell our community story (e.g., community hubs, parks, landmarks, tributes to the history of the community, artworks, etc.)

You can submit your ideas online, but do so before July 8.

What became of the bones of Weston?

The Star had a recent feature on what the author says was a Huron-Wendat ossuary discovered in Weston more than a century ago.

It’s impossible to look past the disturbing image of skeletal remains scattered haphazardly on the ground, in the ditch and heaped in a small crate. The casual indifference of the living subjects ─ nine youngsters and three adult males ─ is downright jarring.

The weathered clapboard outbuildings in the background in the distance and the attire of those posing for the photographer ─ boys in breeches, men in derby hats ─ the image appears to capture a scene from the Wild West.

But this is not the frontier. This is 1911 Toronto, Weston, to be precise.

Weston’s own Hans Havermann has a much more skeptical take that is well worth reading.

Frontlines having summer camp

Frontlines will be hosting an in-erson summer camp this year for kids 6–12. It’s affordable, too—only $20 a week. This being Frontlines, the kids will be well fed of course, too, with provided meals.

If you can support the camp, Frontlines is accepting donations.

Do you want to give parents a break this summer!!!!?😀For just a small gift of $4, you can send one at-risk child to Summer Camp for a day, with THREE healthy meals 😋and a SAFE space to have fun because every child deserves an opportunity to “just be a child.”YOU can make this POSSIBLE. Thank you for keeping our kids safe!

School merger recommended

The TDSB is recommending that George Harvey and York Memorial be merged into one school and that the school be named “York Memorial CI”.

York Memorial Collegiate Institute suffered a catastrophic fire in 2019. The nearby George Harvey CI has long been underused, so the TDSB floated the idea of merging the schools. Housing both schools at George Harvey, however, wasn’t popular. 93% of York Memorial students and 53% of George Harvey students were opposed to consolidating again, according to the report.

The TDSB studied several possibilities, and this week recommended that both schools be:

  • Consolidated at George Harvey starting in September, 2022
  • Renamed York Memorial CI, “to honour the sacred pledge of remembrance”
  • Moved to the newly-built school when it is complete (projected to be in 2026).

The report says that this will have several advantages over the status quo:

  • More course offerings
  • More specialty programs
  • A modern building with “state-of-the-art instructional spaces”
  • Easier commutes for students
  • Efficiencies in operations