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During the past eleven years, Adam has faithfully kept Weston residents (and ex-pats) informed about local happenings. Guest writers have come and gone but Adam has persisted, providing a local news resource that few other Toronto neighbourhoods can boast. This is in addition to being a husband, father and teacher. In the last two years my contribution has been somewhat tempered by cancer treatments which have rendered me less enthusiastic at times so Adam has been carrying the load almost single-handedly. Needless to say, the pandemic hasn’t helped either.

While Adam ponders the future of WestonWeb, this might be a good time to reflect on the stories covered since he started the blog back in 2010. All of the articles are still available with most features intact. What follows is a set of links to articles by (approximate) month. (There is a search feature already built into the site but this list tackles the chronological progression of events.)

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Use our search and get lost – literally.

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Weston Web has been online since Adam created it in May of 2010. Designed to cover the Weston / Mount Dennis area, as a community resource, it has kept people informed about local events and political happenings since then.

Every article ever published on Weston Web still exists online and can be accessed through a search by topic or slightly more reliably by date. Our search is a bit of a blunt instrument and gathers large swathes of articles. That’s part of the charm when a random article pops up. For example a search for May 2010 will bring up every article written in that month (plus a few more). A search for Weston Hub will get a number of articles on that topic – unfortunately they’re not in chronological order (we’re working on that) and although the search isn’t as good as Google, reading the articles can give an idea about how much thinking has changed over the years. This is way to track the progress of a topic of local interest through the past (almost) seven years.

To access the search, click in the text box by the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the page (below the banner photo) and enter your search word(s).

Sit down with a cup of tea (or a beer) and take a trip down the rabbit hole memory lane.

Four years!

Every week I wonder if there will be anything at all to write about. Every week there is—and yet, for four years, I’ve kept worrying.

On May 13, 2010, four years ago today, your humble correspondent wrote the first post on WestonWeb.ca.

A few numbers, because I find them interesting:

  • We’ve posted exactly 1400 stories in that time—if you give me a week off between Christmas and New Years, that’s one a day, every day!
  • At, very roughly, 100 words an article, Roy and I have typed 140,000 words—almost two short novels’ worth.
  • But people don’t read novels, while we get about 5000 visitors a month. It’s hard to tell exactly what that means, since I can’t figure out how many of them are unique and how many are repeat visitors, but heck, any way you cut it, it’s pretty great.
  • There are 2,875 comments on the site. Wow! Thank you for being a part of this.
  • 112,365 spam comments did not make it to the site.  Really.
  • The site has cost about $650 to run. In four years, I have made exactly $0.00 from advertising, despite my repeated attempts and fantasies of internet dozens. When I’m feeling vain (which is a often), I think that I’m doing the same kind of thing as a small town newspaper used to do. But, on the one hand, my god, has the internet ever changed things: I can ‘publish’ a ‘paper’ for $12 a month. And, on the other hand, my god, has the internet ever changed things: there’s no money community news.
  • It’s the best $650 that I’ve ever spent.