Where in Weston #8 Answer.

The reader ‘R’ came the closest, “The stairs leading down to the Humber by the North West corner of St.Philips”.

Where in Weston #8.

The style is the same – note the bike rail in the top right of the image – but these stairs lead to Lions Park from Hickory Tree Road.

Wide shot of the stairs taken May 9: Where in Weston #8.


Where in Weston #8

This harsh looking photo is of a place where metal meets concrete. Can you tell where it is in Weston?

Where in Weston #8.

If you think you know where this is, write your guess in the comments section. The answer will be published tomorrow¬†on Monday (even we think it’s too nice outside to be reading WW).

Where in Weston #6 Answer.

Mike quickly solved #6. The clue is in the height of the distinctive James Gove stonework that can be seen in many locations around Weston.

Where in Weston #6.
Little Avenue Memorial Park and the distinctive James Gove border wall. (Click to enlarge)

More about the park here.