What do we want?

Last week, I made a case that we should have a commercial relationship with all the new builders in Weston. They want to break the planning guidelines. I think they should pay to do so.

I also asked how you thought the (as-yet-imaginary) money should be spent. 59 people responded. Thank you! Here are the results. (They don’t add up to 59 because people could vote for more than one option.)

Many people noted that the new-new Farmers’ Market isn’t looking good and asked for a new-new-new one. That wasn’t the most popular option though: the most people voted for a YMCA-style space. I too think that would be just fantastic. Tied for third were a recreation space for young people and a scholarship fund. Damned fine ideas, if I do say so myself.

Peering into the data, I think we could safely say that a YMCA-style space would be just super, because it could provide all of the top options, as well as a few of the less popular ones:

  • Programming for youth
  • A stuff-bank for tools, food, clothing, and computers
  • Another, closer, and perhaps less popular gym
  • Perhaps even a community daycare, which we have been missing for six years



There’s no Y in YSW

Sometimes no news is bad news. The non-news event of non-insignificance  was the passing-over of York South–Weston by the YMCA. Last week The Y announced five new locations, but none near here.

Much was made in the Toronto Star of the organization’s ability to transform neighbourhoods; one of the Y’s staff said, “We’re definitely thinking about the determinants of social health — such as targeting poverty and increasing social inclusion, but it’s really about bringing change to the whole community”

Alas, though we could certainly do with less poverty and more inclusion, the nearest Y will be built at Kipling and Bloor. In response to an email, Frances Nunziata’s staff said, “the Councillor continues to work with the YMCA to see that they establish a location within in the Ward.  This would be a great opportunity for the community.”

Thanks to Connie for the tip.

From “Infographic: Bold New Five”, The Toronto Star.