More details about murdered boy

Police have released the name of the boy murdered in Weston last weekend. He was *****, 16, from Etobicoke.

*****’s Facebook page is both frightening and sad. The background is hands spelling out “Crips” over a blue bandana, the colours of the gang. ***** also posted a picture of himself throwing a gang sign. One of his friends commented on the pictures a year ago, saying “your tryna die fam”. Another said “You trying to kill your self your fucked”. *****’s responses are proud but insensible: “its a crip ting” and “fly crippinggg”.

A Crips gang does—at least according to the internet—exist in the Scarlett Road area of Etobicoke where ***** lived.

Despite the gang posturing, ***** looks small in the pictures. He had just turned 15 when he posted them, and he was only 16 when he died. He wears his pants low on his bum and can barely grow a moustache

***** may have been killed as part of a gang dispute. Six other young men in Toronto have been killed in Toronto this year.


There is now a publication ban on the victim’s name. I have removed it and some of the pictures.