More TAVIS arrests

The ongoing TAVIS program has netted a few more alleged crooks.

In the first two weeks of August, in addition to arresting a man for second-degree murder, TAVIS officers netted a drug dealer behind 33 King with a whopping 87 grams of marijuana in his backpack. While hardly the scale of Pablo Escobar, a fifth of a pound is a lot of pot the poor sot ought not to have got.

Officers also stopped a woman loitering at the intersection of Wright Avenue and Jane on suspicion that she was a prostitute. She was carrying 1.1 grams of cocaine and was charged.

Finally, a man was spotted peeing outside 1995 Weston Rd. In addition to possessing little class and a small bladder, the man has an order not to be near that address, and thus was charged for breaching the conditions of his bail.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Majority of the arrests of drug related. Time to legalize drugs to get these criminal drug dealers out of business.

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