TAVIS arrests man wanted for second degree murder

The TAVIS program, which just passed the halfway mark, has certainly been visible, and officers have made some significant arrests. Most of the arrests, however, have been for non-violent and arguably minor crimes, like possession and violating bail.

This month, however, Weston—Mount Dennis TAVIS officers made a startling arrest: they arrested a man who had been wanted for second degree murder.

The circumstances of the murder and the arrests are startling. Twayne Ruddock, 25, was arrested in Rolo’s Bar and Grill at 1239 Weston Road in Mount Dennis, the very same spot where he had allegedly murdered David Blyth, 30, two nights before. Blyth was badly assaulted at 1 am on  July 29 but was, apparently, brought back into the bar by patrons. He was discovered outside the bar the next morning, and died later in the hospital.

Ruddock is charged with second-degree murder.

David Blyth, victim

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.