TAVIS arrests

Toronto Police have announced the latest series of successes from the summer-long TAVIS program. The most recent newsletter highlights four arrests in Weston.

Two men were arrested in separate incidents near Weston and Lawrence for breaching the terms of their release from jail. One was arrested for possessing a cell phone against court orders; the other was arrested for consorting with someone he had been forbidden to, and for obstructing police—the police also arrested his female companion on the same charge. (They gave false names when pulled over.)

Another man was arrested when bike cops caught him smoking a joint outside an apartment building on Bellevue Crescent. He attempted to ditch the pot, but was arrested after struggling with the officers. The police recovered the pot and 1.4 grams of cocaine. He was arrested for possession and for violating the terms of his bail.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.