Televised debates tomorrow night

Those of you with Roger’s cable will be able to watch the candidates for York South–Weston in their only televised debate (apart, of course, from the one on WestonWeb’s own YouTube channel!)

The debate will be tomorrow night, October 4, at 8 pm on channels 10 and 63.

Your humble reporter doesn’t have cable; would someone let me know whether Lan Daniel bothered to show up?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

14 thoughts on “Televised debates tomorrow night”

  1. I doubt Lan Daniel will show up. Even his “supporters” don’t try and talk to the “people”.

    One of his door to door people came by my house, left a pamphlet and didn’t even bother to knock on the door. I was sitting right where I could watch them. No one bothered to talk to us or even try.

  2. diana, isn’t lan daniel a woman?

    just goes to show what kind of campaign presence conservatives have in YSW. the last conservative candidate to campaign and show up to a debate in YSW that i remember was stephen halicki. the most memorable part of the debate he took part in was when he made a point to a voter who had a gay marriage question, that when he went to sleep at night, he did it with his wife. alan tonks also reassured the crowd that he did the same. the debate was about the air rail link, but by that point, it was derailed thanks to homophobia.

  3. Honestly anon I have no clue, I said man simply from “habit”, know what I mean. I’ve yet to see a picture, or the person in person.

  4. No Albanese, in spite of Frances Nunziata’s lauding of her commitment to the riding over the last 4 years. And Lan Daniel is impossible to understand and seems to have no understanding of what she is saying or any of the issues.

    This is embarrassing.

  5. Nunziata is simply trying to protect a “friend”…this is extremely sad. Laura cannot handle the heat, so get out! I am ashamed that I voted for Laura in the last election, yet she cannot attend a simple debate.

  6. This is a leader?? – someone who can’t even show up at the only televised debate!!!


  7. I’m truly disgusted with Albanese’s no-show but am not entirely surprised. Anybody know what her “official” excuse was for not attending the debate?

  8. She probably didn’t show because of bad advice by her moronic handlers including Judy Sgro and Frances Nunziata. Same people who have alleged that the debates had been ‘hijacked by partisanship’ and they would not be attending any others. Other than the other candidates and Dale Goldhawk and the camera people, there is no one else there! So who would be partisan? And I believe that it was quite clear who was escorted from the LEF debate — Albanese’s husband. Their people have outnumbered Paul’s 3 to 1 at both debate I attended.

    Too bad her handlers are more interested in creating chaos and mis-information about another candidate than talk about the real issues. And also making homophobic comments about Paul which has nothing to do with the campaign nor his ability to represent the riding. If that is the best/worst that Albanese’s camp can come up with, I suggest they go back to the dark ages or leave Canada — we actually allow gay marriage here and have been a beacon for same-sex couples from all over the world. Sad, sad people. They are an embarrassment to the electorate – led by our Councillor. 3 more years…. of ignorance.

  9. i commend lan daniel for showing up to the debate. that was a surprise for me. what wasn’t a surprise for me was laura albanese’s absence. just like she wasn’t there at the debate, i hope that her job as MPP won’t be there after the election results are in. she does not deserve the support of the community. her absence from the debate is an indicator of her lack of performance in york south weston. laura, go back to your day job at omni news. you do not represent the needs of YSW effectively or at all. you may want to win, but you don’t deserve to win.

  10. Did everyone get the slam piece from Albanese’s camp over past two days? Paul says he has received an overwhelming number of calls from people who are disgusted.

    Hopefully between this piece and Nunziata going around making homophobic comments about Paul will do exactly opposite of what they want. It could seriously backfire and leave nothing but egg on the faces of everyone in that camp. I hope Paul goes to the Human Rights Commission about this…. not acceptable!!!

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