Ten years ago this month…

Suri Weinberg-Linsky speaking in support of Olympic Variety in September 2010 (file).

Here’s a little taste of what WestonWeb was covering a decade ago.

In September 2010, crime was a big issue with a rash of muggings and a double murder. Eighty people met in support of Olympic Variety in Weston Village. Have we settled down since then? I’d like to think so.

A Weston retirement home was coming under scrutiny – beginning a long saga that (we think) ended last year.

John Tory was about to referee a local mayoral debate for the 2010 civic election. Rob Ford, endorsed by then and current councillor Frances Nunziata was the surprise winner of that race. No doubt Tory foresaw his own 2014 candidacy at that meeting.

Lions Park’s soccer field was undergoing extensive preparations before being covered in artificial turf – it has proved to be an incredibly popular year-round attraction.

Urban Arts had completed a new mural and Toronto Council looked as if it would do something for Weston cyclists. Sadly a golden opportunity to build a path along the rail tracks was lost and ten years later the dangerous ‘Supercentre’ gap in the trail is still there.

Finally, speaking of rail tracks, the Clean Train Coalition (who successfully lobbied for an airport express station in Weston) was rallying in support of electric locomotives for the then unbuilt and unnamed UP Express. That dream is still a few years away although GO electrification plans will allegedly be developed by next year.

Walkers in Weston’s 2010 Pink Parade participate in the seventh annual Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. (file) Click to enlarge.

4 thoughts on “Ten years ago this month…”

  1. Thanks Roy for the remembrance – I think we have become a more involved community over the past 15 years beginning with the fight for electric trains in 2005. While we still have our ‘issues’ and concerns, Weston Village is still a wonderful place to live and work even when people slag it out of a lack of respect for the place they call ‘home’.

    When we all come together for the betterment of the community and our neighbours, we can do amazing things! Divisiveness is counter-productive and definitely counter-intuitive to that.

    p.s. I’m glad I’ve lost a bit of weight since then!! LOL!

    1. Done. Check the walkers in Weston’s 2010 Pink Parade participating in the seventh annual Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.

      1. LOL to Blog… I was one speaker out of many – I would have been happy with a group shot. P.S. there was no ‘soapbox’, just concern for my neighbour and fellow business person in the community. Sheesh.

        Sadly, the Walk no longer comes through Weston. It was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning with neighbours and friends cheering on the thousands who walked by. Hopefully one day it will come back through! Or maybe we should start our own fundraising effort since so many in our community have been touched by Cancer.

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