Tenants’ union pushes for smaller rent increases

The new York South–Weston Tenant Union is asking the owners of 22 John to hold their rent increases to 2.2%, and they’ve signed up many community groups in support, in addition to Frances Nunziata and Faisal Hassan.

Late last year, the owners of 22 John wanted to raise rents on month-to-month tenants by as much as 25%. Tenants who signed yearly leases were asked to bear a smaller increase: about 6%. The owners later backed down on the largest increases.

The Tenant Union says that the building was “subsidized through millions of dollars in public investments”. This isn’t quite what it seems. The below-market units were subsidized, but there are also also at-market rentals built with the developer’s own money. These rentals received no subsidies, and the developers—rightly or wrongly—are entitled by law to increase those rents.

In the press release, Chiara Padovani said

“This is what York South-Weston is all about. When our neighbours are struggling, we step up and help each other out. Stable housing is key to building a healthy community, and we’re all part of this community.”



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Tenants’ union pushes for smaller rent increases”

  1. Perspectives, nuance, fairness – in the eye of the beholder.
    And then, somewhere in there realities & one’s accepted truth.

    Should also say that once again, strangely absent from the long list of those who signed on supporting this group’s rent control effort, is an elected representative who’s party famously plays the political social middle ground very carelessly – that being the federal governing party’s current Minister for Families, Children and Social Development.

    Might this possibly be because of the three elected reps for the area, he’s the one rep who doesn’t have a real & true sense of what it means to actually live the riding with those who elected him, twice now?

    It can’t just be proximity, could it?

    Just plain tone deaf?

    Whatever, apologies for the oversight to come, later. After they gage which way the political winds are blowing, I’d guess.

    (Thx for the community update, Ww.)

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