The Farmers’ Market is wilting

IMG_2790Many vendors at the new location of the Farmers’ Market say that their businesses are suffering. Several people told me that their business is down 1/3 or more, even while the rents have gone up. One vendor said he will be closing; another said he is considering it.

Almost everyone I spoke to was cautious about upsetting the market administrators, so I’m going to quote them all as a group.

  • The market was the heart and soul of Weston. They destroyed it.
  • Sales are down 50%
  • It has slowed down. Sales are down.
  • I’m done.
  • More people gotta come out.
  • This year, they don’t know where we are. [They need] more advertising.
  • It sucks.

Some vendors, however, were more positive.

  • We’ve been doing better here.
  • The area is bigger.
  • It’s better than last year. For the couple of weeks, it’s been good.

Several vendors have come and gone already this year: the hip pie people seem to have left, as did the popcorn company.

There is a lot of blame to go around. Some vendors said it’s too far to walk for those who have limited mobility. Others blamed the administration. And, dear reader, you and I share some responsibility.

Your correspondent, however, believes that the BIA could do more. Certainly, it is hard to see why rents went up; given the disruption, they should have gone down. There should be much more advertising, including along the 401¹. We could have beer tastings², or bring back the live music.

Masum Hossain, the Chair of the BIA, refused to be quoted for this article.

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¹ Peter the Barber’s idea.

² Also his idea.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “The Farmers’ Market is wilting”

  1. Move it to the west lot of Humber River Regional Hospital (Church St site) which is current not in use and way more accessible to the people in the Village that have supported the market for decades.

    1. Good idea. But those in charge don’t want to give the appearance that there is actually a ‘community’ in Weston. They are in the business of giving us a new community hub, remember??? LOL!

    2. If the people of the so called Village cared, they would go across Weston Rd /Lawrence and support the market. Those that live within Weston live in a bubble and that is why Weston Rd will stay as it does. Bye Bye market…….

  2. We moved to Weston at the end of last summer and love the market! It simply cannot go away! Change is always difficult. I am a private flute teacher and have some exceptionally talented students. I have reached out the market to see if they wanted me to bring some of my advanced students out to play, my offer remains open; anything to help the market!

  3. I apologize for my ignorance but is there a liaison for the market who would be willing to have a meeting where ideas for improving and advertising the market could be exchanged. It appears that there are many folks in the community who have some good ideas who will not profit from sharing their ideas but simply would like to see it thrive?

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