The secret future of the hospital site

The Toronto Star has a detailed article on the legal conflict over the Church Street hospital site.

Frances Nunziata, despite her support of other high-rise developments in Weston, seems to have sensed changing public opinion.

Some residents are concerned that the hospital will sell “to the highest bidder” [Nunziata says] who will build townhouses or condo towers — increasing density and traffic in the area.

“The community wants a long-term care (facility), seniors’ residence, a child-care facility, they don’t want the hospital to sell it to a developer to build residential,” she said.

The deed “really was sort of a trump card for us, for the city and the community, because we want institutional uses on the land. It’s really the use of the land the community wants to leverage.”

The secret legal settlement offer will be considered—also in secret—at the next City Council meeting, on November 3. The settlement will only be made public if it is approved by council and only with the permission of the City Solicitor.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “The secret future of the hospital site”

  1. rental units on John St was okay, but not okay on hospital site??? no wonder the area is such a mess.

  2. Toronto’s version of democracy at work. As usual, decisions will be made between vested interests behind closed doors and presented to the public as a fait accompli. The best part (of course) is that the decision will be presented as a “win” for Weston.

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