The politics of water

The Toronto Community Housing building at 5 Bellevue went without water this weekend, and politicians were quick to respond. Frances Nunziata, Chiara Padovani, and Lekan Olawoye each had a role, and all of it played out on Twitter.

Padovani’s and Olawoye’s teams came with bottled water for angry residents, and Padovani called for the Lions’ Pool to be opened so people could shower.

Meanwhile, Frances Nunziata was working behind the scenes.

Our office was made aware of the situation at 5 Bellevue Crescent on Saturday and immediately contacted Toronto Community Housing (TCH) to ensure that water was being provided to residents, and that staff were onsite to assist vulnerable residents by bringing water to their units and checking on their well-being.

When it was stated yesterday that the water may not be back on until today, Councillor Nunziata contacted senior management from TCH to express the urgency in getting repairs made so that residents would have access to water. …

As a result of these actions, last night the water was up and running again, one day earlier than TCH had originally promised.

With respect to Ms. Padovani’s comments – Councillors do not have the authority to open a pool. That being said, if there was reason to believe the disruption to water service was going to last longer than it did, Councillor Nunziata would have contacted the appropriate staff to make arrangements. She has done this in the past

And her tweet was a zinger:

I love it. This round goes to Nunziata.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “The politics of water”

  1. Good thing there’s an election on. When the ice storm happened in 2013, residents of the 25 storey apartment towers at 1765 and 1775 Weston Rd were without power or water for 8 days (no elevators, no toilets, no drinking water) because they were last on Toronto Hydro’s list to fix. Don’t remember Frances tweeting about fixing hydro a day early.

    Residents of 5 Bellevue had contacted the councillor and never heard anything until Chiara Padovani called her out.

    And unlike all the other candidates who showed up to take advantage of a political opportunity, Chiara is organizing the building, seeking legal aid so the tenants can demand compensation for having their right to water violated for nearly 48 hours, as well as to demand preventive action so this never happens again.

    1. In this day & age, we communicate faster than ever before – often to like minded people, our so-called, mutual admiration society.

      And, it’s no surprise that some, unrealistically demand something be done, “yesterday”.

      Do constituents actually & thoughtfully, reach out?

      Or is it just more comfortable to reach out to your like minded, closer circle of friends, first and foremost.

      Gotta believe you serviced your unionist & NDP pals, first Mr. Sullivan.

  2. Nunziata is only actively doing something because someone is pushing her….30+ years does Weston Rd look any better to you?

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