The shrinking Farmers Market

There only seems room for about 11 traders in this image from Artscape.

I know it’s just an artist’s drawing but the image posted on Artscape Weston’s site does not give the impression of a big enough space available for the market. Will it be possible to shoehorn the traders from the 2016 market into the 2018 one in the new Hub location?

The Market in its UP Express location off Weston Road in August 2016.

My suspicion is that the space will not be sufficient leading to either a loss of traders or the market simply moving to another location.

Here’s an overhead look at the old market.

An overhead look at the market a couple of years ago before moving to the UP Express lot. More than 40 stalls were being rented. (Apple Maps)

The market was to have been an important component of the Hub. Traders cannot be forced to use the space if they believe that it won’t be worth the effort, or if there is no room to set up an adequate space. Additionally, in the past, stall holders were able to overflow their pitches without penalty. If space is tight, such flexibility will be impossible.

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  1. Roy, there is a plan to ensure that there will be enough space. Rest assured, the BIA and the Councillor will do everything possible to accommodate those who have trucks. And fyi… at Wychwood Barns, none of the vendors work out of their trucks – they bring their stuff in and if they need to, go back out to the trucks. Not saying will be the case for ours but everyone will have to work as a ‘team’ to ensure the best possible market when it returns. Everyone assuming the worse possible outcome is unproductive in my opinion.

  2. Suri, pointing out design flaws before the opening rather than after is productive. This is the time when these things need to be said.

    In the official concept drawing from Artscape, the market consists of precisely 11 stalls. In the overhead photo of the actual market from a couple of years ago there are over 40. That’s not even looking at trucks and traders like the Egg Man.

    I’ve been to Wychwood Barns and it’s mainly an artisanal market selling to an affluent community. Unlike Weston, very few vendors at Wychwood sell produce. It’s common knowledge that produce vendors need to constantly refresh their stalls from their vehicles.

    As for the ‘team’, traders have expressed concerns in meetings but don’t feel that they’re being heard. Listening and addressing their concerns might ensure that there will actually be a market once the Hub opens. On the other hand, if there is a wish to be just like Wychwood, i.e. getting rid of produce and selling baked cheese, balsamic mushrooms in jars and the like, the market probably won’t even need 11 stalls.

    1. Roy, I hear you. And I have heard from various vendors as well. I am committed 100% to ensuring that everyone has a place in the Market whether on the ‘site’ or on the street. It’s my personal goal to have the Market spilling onto the roadway which will allow vendors who want their trucks on hand to do so. But at some point, there has to be compromise.

      As for the comment from truthteller, I have lived here for over 20 years, have worked here for 36 – I am well aware of where I live and work. Hiding behind a pseudonym instead of a ‘real’ name …

  3. I totally agree with Roy’s reasonable comments. I think Suri thinks this is downtown…..if you want a downtown feel, then move downtown.

  4. Wynchwood Barns has vendors with small tables, much like the vendors at Weston selling only syrup. No expansive veggie stalls.. Like Roy says it’s going to be tough to accomodate the vendors we want. This is not unproductive just fact.

  5. Of course it’s before the things done that concerns must be addressed. It’s not reassuring to see these changes, and see the likely outcome. The market, not the Hub that’s an excuse for a 30-storey building, that’s important.
    BIA wake up! The market needs the same space, for 40 stalls, the vendors’ trucks, etc. This is not Wychwood, and the market is one of Weston’s gems. We need to protect it!

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