There’s always time for politics for Hussen

Ahmed Hussen, our MP and Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development, said that Service Canada is stopping in-person service “so that we can redeploy our focus to online and telephone services to better serve Canadians.”

That is not what the Globe and Mail says. The service centres are closed because “employees en masse refused to work”.

The Globe says

The government bent to pressure Thursday evening from the Canadian Employment and Immigration Union….The centres were crowded and efforts to control the traffic resulted in long lines outside and sometimes irate visitors, she said. In recent days, so many missed work that 187 centres closed on Thursday – almost 60 per cent of the network.

This is politics, but it isn’t just politics. The CDC says that in an emergency, government should “Be First, Be Right, Be Credible”.

Hussen just burned a little bit of credibility in a time when the needs it most.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “There’s always time for politics for Hussen”

  1. This was a useless information, focus on unity. I don’t even like him but that not the point now, unity !

    1. A) Unless your name is Adam, don’t go around putting my name where it shouldn’t be.
      B) Unity with whom? The government or the workers who were afraid for their health?

  2. We’re all a little more edgy, and rushing to judgment, one way or another is what follows. Myself included.

    And clearly, we’re all more easily offended, too.

    (Breathe, deeply..
    ..deeper. )

  3. Take comfort in such a clear understanding and keep your mind in lockdown, knowing exactly who will lie.

    For the rest of Weston Web’s readers, I say thanks for always giving us a new and thoughtful perspective, as well as charming stories of our neighbourhood. Especially as we navigate social isolation and the weight of uncertainty we all feel. Hats off (we’re indoors, after all) to you Adam, and Roy.


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