This is what taxes get you

Dear reader, election season will soon be on us again. Last time, you—yes, there is a 6 in 10 chance it was you—voted for a guy who, among his other foibles, thought there was a gravy train

This year, despite his best efforts, taxes will go up. About $60 a household.

And, according to Frances Nunziata’s office, for your, say, $15, you’ll be getting:¹

A new nearby community centre where the programming will be free. A new daycare at St John the Evangelist. Road work. Water upgrades² That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Don’t you love taxes?


Okay, this post sucked. I got it all wrong. Forget it. Sorry.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

14 thoughts on “This is what taxes get you”

  1. I’m rather surprised that the councillor’s office would say the property tax increases will lead to “water upgrades”. They obviously aren’t aware that the Water department is fully self-financed, which is why water bills are once again going up 9 per cent, as they have for a number of years now. I note that there’s no mention of the 3-stop Scarborough stubway boondoggle that everyone will be paying increased property taxes for . . . for the next 30 years!

    But I digress. Re. “water upgrades”, the councillor’s office should read the following story so they can better explain how “water upgrades” are actually paid for (hint: not through property taxes):

  2. A couple other points while I’m thinking of it:

    1) This year’s tax increase does not pay for one brick of the new “nearby” community centre. The money for that was set aside several years ago.

    2) Even with the new childcare facility, Ward 11 will still have fewer city childcare spaces than we had 4 years ago.

    I’m all for paying a fair share of city taxes, but I don’t like it when well-meaning folks like Adam get snookered by political spin that they then pass on to the rest of us as fact.

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for the facts. I was surprised that water is self-funding, and I clearly dropped the ball on that one.

      I was trying to make the point here that taxes are often good, and that tax increases can be good too. I could have done a better job.

      I’m no great fan of Nunziata, as her office will attest. In the past, she has been too fiscally conservative and too great a supporter of Rob Ford for my tastes.

      But in Nunziata’s defense, she did vote for the budget, and she didn’t say that the tax increases paid for the community centre: The passage in question is this:

      In addition to money for road work, water upgrades and park improvements for Ward 11, the proposed $3.9 million in funding for a new daycare centre at St. John the Evangelist School was approved. Money has also been included in the budget so that all programs at the York Community Centre, opening in 2015, will be free!

      Of course, there isn’t a straight line between tax increases and increased services. (We could have got those increased services even if there were budget cuts, I suppose.) But, as the expression goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. And for an extra $60 a household, we got quite a wave in Weston. That makes me happy.

  3. wow Adam… really believe what Nunziata tells you? No wonder Weston stays far behind the rest of Toronto……

  4. @ Carson, thanks. Always appreciate feedback : )

    @ Adam, I agree with you — taxes are good when they are used to deliver better services and build stronger neighbourhoods. And we get a pretty good deal here in Toronto. We pay the lowest property taxes in the GTA while getting pretty good services.

  5. Adam: If indeed the daycare is for St. John’s kids only – why is the Catholic School Board not paying fir it?

  6. Dave does it really matter?
    Will you be using the daycare?
    Isn’t this a much needed service for the community.
    Gosh we get something needed in this community yet there is always someone that complains???? wow.

    Carson if anyone knows how to send out lies its the Liberals….say hi to Laura for us….and tell me what has she done since being elected? NOTHING!

  7. Yes it matters Bob. I support Public Schools If it is true that the daycare is only open to kids attending this school why should my taxes be used? Day care funds should come from those that use it and I kind of think (hope really) that funds are allocated from those that support the Catholic school system. If the daycare is available to all kids even those not attending the school – then all is good. Time will tell – if construction on that school ever begins.

  8. Dave anyone can attend a catholic school so long as one parent is baptized. But I believe even then a child cannot be denied from attending a catholic school.
    So I am guessing anyone can go to the daycare.
    Especially in Weston I think a new catholic school will do wonders, now they need to work on the public schools in Weston, I say start with merging some of the schools and ensure that there is a daycare in the public school as well.

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