Thomas Mulcair coming to Weston

Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the federal NDP and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, is coming to Weston tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14. He will be touring the Learning Enrichment Foundation with Mike Sullivan, our MP.

Paul Ferreira, Sullivan’s assistant, notes that Mulcair will be taking public transit—the subway and the bus, just like the rest of us. I think that’s pretty cool.

Sullivan also announced that he will be having a “Twitter Town Hall” on Wednesday:

Join me this Wed eve from 7 to 830 for a Twitter town hall. Look forward to your q’s, ideas. Use hashtag #ysw.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Thomas Mulcair coming to Weston”

  1. Who cares if he is a socialist? So twentieth century!

    The leader of the Opposition visiting YSW has to be viewed as positive for our community.

  2. Weston folks sure like their do nothing politicians like Albanese, Nunziata, Tonks, to name a few. Weston which is one of the poorest ridings could probably use a little socialist funding, yet people like Gary turn a blind eye, complain Weston Rd is crap, and crime is increasing, schools are not that great, roads are messy, yet will continue to vote the same people in. You get someone thats new like Mike that is in opposition and is trying to make things better, yet its still not good enough for Gary and Weston. So lets keep the others in power and continue to hope nothing gets done.

  3. @bob
    Wow bob, you sure do read a lot into one line of text that said nothing about what you talk about. I was ONLY talking about Mulcair period. The man is a leach & is only here to give Mike a photo op. Do you really think he cares about YSW?

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