Tim Hortons opening on Weston Road

It’s not often I am disappointed to hear of a coffee shop opening, but I am sad to see that a Tim Hortons will be opening on Weston Road beside the H&R Block and Weston Station Restaurant.

A few years ago, I would have been delighted. We were a sleepy little town, with few—really no—places to get the day jumpstarted. But that’s changed. We’re spoiled for choice now, with Matti’s, Perfect Blend, and Black Cat all within a short walk. And, for those who just can’t get enough cheap robusta, there is a Tim’s just around the corner and another up the street.

I propose we put throw our money behind the people who have put their money behind Weston. I, for one, won’t be spending a dime at Tim Hortons.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Tim Hortons opening on Weston Road”

  1. I will also support the private coffee shops. Such a shame that Tim Hortons is trying to ruin our new local coffee shops

  2. Adam….I still rather see a tim hortons and not another check cashing store. It could have been worse. I’m not complaining

  3. I’m afraid this is another example of the local BIA dropping the ball. They should be advocating on behalf of their existing members – like Mati’s, Perfect Blend and God Bless Canada. A more robust and engaged BIA would have proactively worked with that property owner to look for business opportunities that would complement the rest of the strip and not one that we’ll surely diminish at least 3 (4 if you count Black Cat, which I think falls outside the BIA boundaries) existing businesses.

  4. Paul your so resourceful and your right this area needs more privately owned business as opposed to corporate franchises Also we should look at the city and Frances as well as the BIA the both responsible for what happens within the Weston BIA.

  5. I think the other coffe shops can coincide with tin hortons. Tim’s no longer sells decent coffee. I think shoppers will stop in to perfect blend and Matis for decent cup of Joe. I dont see this as being the demise of the other coffe shops

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