Restaurants blitzed

Weston was crawling with restaurant inspectors last month, and a lot of places fared poorly.

Brioni: Passed with no reservations at all.
Mr Sub: No problems
Popeye’s: Nothing.
Bulk Barn: No problems.
Chicken Place: Nothing.
Caldense: Nothing.
Pelmo Restaurant: No problems.
Sugar and Spice: Easy.
Alex’s Deli: Nothing
Sun Crisp: Good to go.
Devon House: Delicious
China Town: No problems.
Lloyd’s Restaurant: Good
Red Room: Good
Gino’ Pizza: Nothing
Double Double: Nothing
Pizza Pizza: No problem
Kitchen King Jerk: No problem
Ali Baba’s: Nothing
Canadian Style Donuts: Like a hospital.

That’s the end of the good news. In no particular order, the bad news:

Ausef Halal failed to store food on racks or shelves.

The Weston King Neighbourhood Centre did not ensure employee handwashing, did not provide towels in the preparation area, did not maintain or sanitize washrooms and did not clean toilets as often as necessary, failed to protect food from contamination, and did not store food on pallets.

Pizza Alp: Did not have soap or detergent, did not sanitize non-food contact surfaces, did no have a have a thermometer where they should have, did not wash equipment, and did not wash up well.

Family Pizza and Panzerotto: Did not sanitize washrooms did not have towels or a dryer, and (gross) did not have toilet paper.

Weston Station: Did not have soap or detergent.

Central Bar and Grill: Did not ensure the employees washed their hands, did not provide towels for employees, did not protect food from contamination and did not store food on pallets, did not cover food, and a couple of other minor things.

Sang got two conditional passes only two days apart. They did not provide washroom supplies. They did not maintain and sanitize washrooms. They did not ensure or provide for employee hygiene.  Did not protect food from contamination. Did not use proper utensils. Did not sanitize or maintain non-food surfaces. They did not provide hand washing supplies.

Hua Xing BBQ on Jane was dinged for not maintaining or sanitizing the washrooms. They did not have towels, did not protect food from contamination, did not store food on pallets, and some other stuff.

Limers roti got a conditional pass for failing to properly maintain the mechanical washer. They did not maintain equipment, and did not wash surfaces.

P&Ms, my love, did not have a thermometer in the storage compartment and did not wash equipment. I love them all the more.

At the Sunset Grill an operator was not using utensils that would ensure food safety.

Dairy Queen wasn’t storing food on racks or shelves and wasn’t washing up well.

No 1 Halal Pizza and Chips failed to provide towels, did not maintain and sanitize washrooms, did not have soap, failed to store food on shelves, didn’t cover the food, and had some other minor offenses.

Seif Halal Market didn’t ensure that employees washed their hands and maintained their hygiene, didn’t have towels, and didn’t take care of the washroom.

Allen’s Scotish Butcher: bad washrooms, no towels, no soap, failed to protect against contamination, and had some minor offenses.

Bonita: failed to properly wash equipment and surfaces.

China China: didn’t sanitize toilets, didn’t prevent contamination, didn’t cover food, and had a few minor offenses.

Settebello Pizza, not so bello. Didn’t buy soap or towels,

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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