Time for the monthly gross out

Weston was blitzed again last month with inspectors. Just about everyone got a minor warning or two. I’m just going to skip over those, or you’d never eat out again.

“New Banadir Restaurant” was forced to close by Toronto Public Health. They failed to prevent an insect infestation among other significant mistakes. Totally gross. Red cards are very rarely handed out by TPH, so it must have been something to behold.banadir

China China got nicked for another in a long series of infractions. This time they failed to cover their food. China China hasn’t passed an inspection with a clean slate all year. Last time they were dinged for the same thing, and also for not cleaning the toilet.

Sugar and Spice’s cover was blown.They didn’t cover their food either. A significant warning for that.

Where, you ask, should you eat? Subway, Golden Star Noodle, Hua Xing BBQ (at Jane and Lawrence), Pizza Depot (Terrible branding. Jeez, people) and the Tim Horton’s on Weston all passed without any infractions.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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