2 thoughts on “Today in Weston”

  1. It may not have escaped your attention, but amongst all the other “stuff” around here cluttering up my head, it suddenly dawned on me – wasn’t it nice in this year’s parade that there were numerous large “musical” groups from neighbouring regions visiting & gracing our Main Street & community parade once again, this year?

    Thanks, for coming out Burlington, Halton, Peel, et al.

    (Nice foil to the, “Olaf, please freeze rents” types who can’t help themselves each & every opportunity. But at least, they were nicely subtle. For the kids, right?)

    Good pics, Adam.

    1. Actually, from even further away – Hamilton, represented, too – by the McMaster University’s marching band!

      Much generosity shown from everywhere.
      Thanks for coming out, everyone!

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