5 thoughts on “Today in Weston”

  1. You should do a story on these WALL street landlords buying up all these low income buildings, ripping them apart to justify above guideline increases in rent & trying to make us move out!

  2. Hmm?

    I was thinking more along the lines of a flora & fauna expose down there in our Humber River valley.

    Look how pretty!
    (..with that seemingly, nicely maintained special needs Co-Op in the background.)

    I bet Roy would crank out a really good, insightful piece about our valley’s parklands – that many posting here have never visited on foot or bike.

    1. I love the style of that building! Sadly they built it without a/c and it’s a mess of window air conditioners.

      Funny you should mention parklands; I have a blog (now sadly neglected) on Raymore Park that can be accessed here.
      If you want to start at the beginning, go here.

  3. Okay.

    (Funny about assumptions. Didn’t know about that important short coming which is very much an essential “appliance” during stinking hot weather, which we often get way up here in the “cold white north”. For some folks, maybe even life or death.)

  4. “Holy Smoke!”

    That’s quite the “little blog” about the Raymore/Humber valley parkland, Roy.


    We’ve seen a lot over the years when our walks turned into hikes. But, not quite as dedicated & detailed as you’ve noted, above.

    Good pics..
    and, good job, sir!

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