Today in Weston April 3, 2019

Greenland Farms has sprouted some new signage on its windows. Work is going on inside to renovate the building and apparently it will reopen as a retail entity later this year. The final incarnation of the store is still unclear but this is a promising sign.

The building will eventually make way for development but in the meantime Weston residents may have fresh produce once again within walking distance. Thanks to Suri at Squibbs for the information.

One thought on “Today in Weston April 3, 2019”

  1. Thanks for the info. I was afraid the building would sit there abandoned for years like many others. The outside needs sprucing up as well…it is shabby looking. In regards to the retail hopefully the will open something that will “uplift” the neighbourhood. It would have been nice if the replaced it with another small grocer.

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