Today in Weston; June 11, 2018.


A beautiful ‘spring’ day along the Pan Am Path that runs below and to the West of Weston Road. There’s a whole different world by the river in Cruickshank Park. This evening, a cyclist travels north towards where the trail ends at a set of steps (St Phillips and Weston Road). This part of the trail was built in 2013 and hopes were high that it would continue north. Instead, cyclists must haul their bikes up the steps and continue along Weston Road to Fairglen (where the trail continues) with fading sharrows their only protection from busy traffic. If the stair climb doesn’t get you, a driver on Instagram will.

The end of the trail.

Councillor Nunziata assures us that negotiations are allegedly ongoing with the landowners whose properties lie between one part of the trail and another. WestonWeb has long campaigned for a better network of bike paths and trails. Alas, five years later, we’re still waiting.

Update: for reference, here’s a picture of the stairs from the trail end to street level at Weston and St. Phillips. Climbing this is no mean feat.


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  1. And some loser had to ruin the sign with a gang tag ignorant lack of respect.

  2. There’s no will to help Weston become pedestrian or bicycle friendly. Our councillor has been asked about the safety issue many times. Her answer is always the same, and nothing changes.

  3. This path (an old walking path) beyond that signed fencing ended & looped back around at the river’s bend, just opposite the golf course. End of the line.

    In the day, I couldn’t help but notice that there were often many “camp fire” hangout sites in that area. And, pretty sure they weren’t set up by little kids.

    I don’t know if these were dangerous places to stumble upon, but they made you wonder during our dog walking hikes. Quite glad we didn’t have any awkward episodes.

    Anyway, given that kind of stuff, I have to believe that if those property owners on the hill top who fenced off the land for privacy didn’t impede the path’s northerly development, then the golf course on the other side surely would have stood in the way of the southern and northern bike paths connecting with a bridge, don’t you think?

    If you really have to or want to, it’s only a slight jog in the road to reconnect with the West Humber path toward Humber College. Not great, but doable.

    Our southern path toward the lake & Martin Goodman Trail is much finer.

    Enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Before the land was fenced off I walked our dog up there and you’re right, it’s a lovely spot with a nice curve around the river. The City has committed to bridging the gap between the trails so it will be done eventually. It’s just a matter of how strongly our politicians are willing to push for it. I’m also wondering if there is a need to cross the river at the privately owned Weston Golf and Country Club but considering the huge break the City gives them on property taxes (in 2004 it was $2.8 million), they might feel obliged to allow an easement.
      Regarding safety issues one could have encountered walking along the old path; the act of cycling on busy Weston Road is probably the most dangerous activity a law abiding citizen can engage in on any given day.
      As for the trip southward being finer, at the moment yes, but it’s nice to have a choice and could bolster Weston’s theme as ‘Home of the bicycle’.

  4. Sure enough..
    ..would be nice if they’d share, and exploring different compass points is definitely good fun.

    As for Weston Rd., cycling – not so much.

    For as long as I can remember (and way before distracted cell phone usage), I’ve had a strong sense of self preservation and like water, look for the route of least resistance.

    And, side streets have been my favourite route choice, if there’s not the option of a beautiful trail like the one in our valley.

    Finally, I know it’s frowned upon and not easily done just anywhere, but in my world if that side walk is vacant and not being used – sorry, it’s mine.
    I’ll hop on & off until it’s safe to get back on to the roadway.

    But, it does helps to have a mountain bike for that stuff.
    (Plus, a bell and a helmet.)

  5. You’re right about the long climb up those stairs – even with the useful bike wheel ramps available on the sides.

    Hey, but if you do it often enough, the upside of the climb & push – you can consider cancelling your gym membership!

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