8 thoughts on “Today in Weston October 19, 2019”

  1. Roy you are incorrect, its a flea market. The heart of the market is gone when they kicked out Joe. Im appalled how they treated him and disgusted our councillor didn’t step in to help. Nunziata lost of my vote for good. I drove to the market today, and I didn’t get out the car. Joe’s truck wasn’t there. Joe and his family are my friends and wherever they go next year I will follow them.

  2. The heart of the market went a long time ago, when there was no interest in finding a proper home for real farmers and their filled up, big, beautiful, local produce trucks. Someone needs to move into that Olympic Variety store at King and Elm. Turn it into a proper set of artisanal food shops. Move upmarket. Get ahead of trend. Weston is has much to offer, but it is at a cusp. Niche or dead. That’s the reality.

    1. Weston missed the boat to change…its sailed away.
      Adding more rental towers will do nothing when crime is up, main street is empty during the day and scary at night.
      The banks, grocery stores, small retailers all gone.
      They now killed the farmers market because according to Laura “who wants to live downtown but can’t and be cool” thinks she knows best.

  3. The Weston farmers market is not a flea market people a flea market sells garbage and used dirty things. At the farmers market they sell fresh farm to table food and homemade things.


    1. when was the last time you visited the market “orange hater”?
      its a dump. which means its a flea market.

  4. Where are the farmers? Mostly gone. And yes, the boat was missed on making Weston a place to visit. The planning for and increase in high rise buildings will turn it into a wind tunnel jungle. There were enough high rise buildings before the newest one came in. Enough is enough. Frances needs to get out. I often wonder how much money or “gifts” were given to our councillor so that these builders could come in an do what they want. Nobody in their right mind would have allowed this to happen. Our next vote can’t come soon enough.

  5. The health inspectors classified the weston market as a flea market as their isn’t enough farmers ratio to non farmers. Do you homework orange hater

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