21 thoughts on “Today in Weston; October 25, 2019”

  1. its delicious…i have taken my kids, their friends, my friends/family members…delicious…too bad such a sketchy location….you know how many people don’t go cause the location is sketchy…

    1. I may be stupid but there’s no part of Weston’s shopping areas that feel ‘sketchy’ to me.
      I cannot understand why anyone would allow ‘sketchy’ feelings about an area of Toronto to control their movements. It’s probably wise to avoid certain areas in the early hours of the morning (when most businesses are closed anyway) but unless you’re selling something contraband or are a gang member, your biggest risk (by far) in any part of Toronto occurs when you cross the street.
      Unlike when someone is killed by a driver, most murder victims know their killer.

      1. You are absolutely right about about trying to cross the street anywhere in Toronto. Today I almost got hit by someone pulling into the high school parking lot. She didn’t even see me on the sidewalk.

    2. Area may appear sketchy, finding parking is even harder, but food here rocks and I will still find a way to go to zeal burger

      1. its not “may appear” but rather it is sketchy.
        besides Zeals and P&M, i think you are overstating the quality of food establishments that exist in Weston

        1. Sketchy is a subjective term.
          Take a trip to Los Angeles, and take a walk down Skid Row. Might make you realize a thing or two.
          As someone who has done some travelling, and who also uses common sense, I’m not afraid of anything Toronto has to offer. My barber shop, on the other hand…

          1. we are talking about Weston….not LA. We always try to feel better by comparing ourselves to another area that we perceive to be worse…question remains….Is Weston sketchy?

        2. The article was talking about Zeal burgers. I was responding that I think that Zeal Burgers rock. I did not refer to any other establishment. Please do not over-extrapolate on what I was discussing.

  2. C’mon, folks, all this negativity around here can be a real downer sometimes. I was waiting to get my flu shot at our local SDM earlier today where I sat next to a realtor who specializes in expensive central Etobicoke. You know where she’s telling her clients to check out? For unique homes, large lots and great amenities? WESTON! She said our neighbourhood is on the move and that many smart realtors are keeping a close eye on these here parts.

  3. John, my sister lives in Georgetown. A guy (her neighbour) was shot dead basically in her backyard earlier this week. The reality is that bad stuff happens everywhere. Weston is a safe neighbourhood and a great place to call home. And if your house is meant to be an investment, you’ll do well. Mine has almost doubled in realtor-appraised value in just 7 years.

  4. Zeal burgers is delicious and the staff are very friendly. As for parking, there is lots of it. If you live in the neighbourhood, then you can easily walk over.

    And let’s stop being so negative all the time about Weston. Instead, let’s come up with solutions and go to talk to your local political reps and get involved.

    Go out and enjoy, support your local businesses, groups and initiatives in the neighbourhood.

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