Today’s Etobicoke York Council Decisions

Etobicoke York Council meets about once a month to deal with local issues. Local councillors discuss matters of local concern and adopt, defer or reject motions which are sent to the full council for adoption and enactment. Today’s decisions that may be of interest to our readers are:

Proposed apartment at 10 Wilby Crescent.

EYC recommends the following:

  1. Staff be directed to schedule a community consultation meeting for the lands at 10 Wilby Crescent together with the Ward Councillor.
  2. Notice for the community consultation meeting be given to landowners and residents within 120 metres of the site.
  3. Notice for the public meeting under the Planning Act be given according to the regulations of the Planning Act.

Decision: Adopted

8 Oak Street demolition

Toronto Building recommends that the City Council give consideration to the demolition application for 8 Oak Street and decide to:

Approve the application to demolish the two storey industrial building without entering into a beautification agreement with the City and the appropriate City officials be authorized and directed to take the necessary action to give effect thereto.

Decision: Amended

Update: The minutes don’t give details of the amendment yet, however, InsideToronto says that Councillor Nunziata asked for a heritage report on the building that will be delivered at the April EYC meeting.

Traffic Calming Poll Results – Rosemount Avenue

The Director, Transportation Services, Etobicoke York District recommends that:

Etobicoke York Community Council NOT to approve installing traffic calming on Rosemount Avenue.¹

Decision: Adopted

All-Way Stop Control – Rosemount Avenue and MacDonald Avenue

The Director, Transportation Services, Etobicoke York District recommends that:

Etobicoke York Community Council NOT approve the installation of all-way stop controls at the intersection of Rosemount Avenue and MacDonald Avenue.

Decision: Adopted

Pedestrian Access to City Laneway – Lawrence Avenue West to MacDonald Avenue

Transportation Services recommends that:

Etobicoke York Community Council NOT approve installing fencing across the laneway between MacDonald Avenue and Lawrence Avenue West, east of Ralph Street in order to block access to pedestrians.

Decision: Adopted

¹(Sorry, we reported this wrong. They did vote to approve speed humps.)

8 thoughts on “Today’s Etobicoke York Council Decisions”

  1. So 8 Oak St goes? Hard to decipher the wording but “without beautification” as well? And no speed bumps, in spite of the hiccup of 18 ballots returned undelivered??

    1. I have updated the article – there were no details of the amendments as of last night but the Oak building will be checked for heritage value before any demolition can take place.

  2. I’m going through the Community Council meeting agenda here For Rosemount it reads:

    EY19.21 Traffic Calming Poll Results – Rosemount Avenue (Ward 11) Amended

    The motion was to NOT proceed with speed humps, and so if it was Adopted that would have been a no (there are a few other speed hump motions like this). Since it was Amended I can only hope that means we’re getting speed humps.

    1. You’re right Chris, as soon as the minutes reflect the amendment, I’ll post details. I would be surprised if speed bumps weren’t installed. They were on Hickory tree with a far smaller response rate.

  3. Oh and 8 Oak St…”heritage value”? What’s so special about a giant square block of bricks!? Tear it down and build housing for Syrians! 🙂

    1. Take a look at the detail in the brick work, decorative, delightful, like the careful joy in craft my great uncle took as a brick layer who worked on Maple Leaf Gardens. And keeping the shell would allow that to be preserved and enjoyed.

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