Tonks one of the “best looking” MPs

Alan Tonks has certainly been earning his salary. This week he spoke no fewer than eight times on topics ranging from horse meat to stealing cars.

While the House is usually a pretty staid place, Tonks got a bit of a puff from his colleague on Friday. After lobbing a slow pitch question to his Liberal teammate Massimo Pacetti,  Tonks got the following compliment:

Mr. Speaker, my seat mate is one of the best MPs in the House and one of the best looking and he represents his constituents with a lot of hard work and devotion to his riding. I commend him for all the work he does, because I see it personally.

I’ve met Mr Tonks. And he’s a good-looking guy… but he’s no Maxime Bernier.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.