Too little, too late

When Westminster United Church closed last year, the Weston Village Daycare was forced to close as well. Many parents (and citizens) wondered why that had to be so—isn’t it better, after all, to make a little money from rent rather than none at all?

Almost a year after the church shut down, it remains unsold and vacant. (Your humble correspondent thought about buying it but found the $3,850,000 asking price slightly out of reach.)

Next week, City Council will debate a motion by Paula Fletcher that would ask staff to figure out what can be done in situations like this. If passed, staff will inventory the services provided in churches and come up with options for preserving them when churches close.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Too little, too late”

  1. This problem was clearly raised to Frances Nunziata and her office and this is what we get: promise of a daycare in the unbuilt Catholic school (construction already delayed beyond the 2015 date) and talk in Council about sale of future buildings?
    The children who need care now? The parents who will have to leave or not consider Weston as a place to have families? The parents who are here with hoc choices?
    Where are the services we need to be a healthy community: Frances Nunziata, this and other services for children are what we need. Now.

  2. The sad fact is the church nor the daycare could afford the maintenance, insurance, heat, electricity, water etc. required to keep the building going until a suitable buyer could be found. While I agree the loss of WVC was devastating to the community the economics of keeping a substantially underused building open has to be acknowledged. This is a worrisome trend as we watch our community facilities fall into declining use and disrepair as they age.

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