2 thoughts on “Toronto Casino – Your input needed.”

  1. A casino in downtown Toronto spells disaster – traffic congestion, parking, not to mention the heavy toll on neighbouring businesses. Look at other mega casinos that have restaurants and other attractions – they make for lousy neighbours and suck the life from the street for blocks around and put other businesses out of business. A casino will inflict far more damage than is being portrayed by its boosters.
    Having said that, Woodbine is the only sensible destination to consider. If a mega casino will draw the kinds of numbers the proponents say (not that you should believe a word), then let them create an irresistible destination at Woodbine. What are they afraid of?

  2. The fix is probably in for a downtown casino. Global news commissioned a survey which allegedly found a majority in favour. I’d love to see the questions they asked in order to generate such a response. I agree that Woodbine would be a better choice if we have to have the damned thing.

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