Toronto Loop Trail – Weston’s missing link visible.

Newly emerged from years of austerity, Mayor John Tory has announced ‘The Loop Trail’; a pedestrian / bike path that will make a roughly round shape as it passes through many Toronto neighbourhoods and along the lakeshore. Much of the trail already exists. Sadly, since becoming mayor, Tory has overseen the creation of a tiny fraction of the promised and budgeted trails in Toronto so we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

The Loop Trail map is hard to decipher as its creators have neglected to label any streets. Luckily for us, our neck of the woods is easy to find thanks to a prominent gap in the trail between Cruickshank Park and Fairglen Crescent.

Our missing link continues to frustrate Humber Trail / Pan Am Path users.

Now that Mayor Tory has provided some impetus, perhaps Councillor Nunziata can do something to speed up negotiations with landowners along the missing part of the trail. We’ve been waiting a long time.

It won’t be a true loop until that happens.

2 thoughts on “Toronto Loop Trail – Weston’s missing link visible.”

  1. Wouldn’t this really & truly be the problem here – the Humber River, valley, and the Weston Golf & Country Club?

    Do they not present the absolute biggest obstacle toward a potential completion of this recreational bike path north and west ward toward the West Humber River trails?

    The River & valley are under the oversight of the conservation authority, right? And then, the long standing golf course, a private property?

    It’s just a wild guess, but I can’t imagine they’d want cyclists & hikers tooting all over their elegant landscape.

    Or would they?

    (What’s that sound, crickets?)

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