Tory promises no demolitions in Mount Dennis

John Tory, under fire for his back-of-the-napkin plan to build transit through Mount Dennis, has promised that no homes will be demolished to make way for the trains.

The Globe and Mail reports

It is equally fair for [Olivia Chow] to ask in debates whether he can assure residents that building the western spur of SmartTrack would not require the demolition of local homes. When asked at the editorial board whether he can give such an assurance, he said: “Well, the bottom-line answer is that, where you have to go below or around obstacles, that’s what you’ll do. So the answer to the question is yes.”


Many questions remain, however: how much will it cost? How will it be paid for? No—really—how will it be paid for? Why not repurpose the UP Express? Is there even space on the rails?

According to Steve Munro, a transit genius, “None of this is simple—certainly not as simple as Tory would have us believe. And almost none of it makes sense.”

Still, Tory has made one promise: no homes will be demolished. Let’s hold him to that.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Tory promises no demolitions in Mount Dennis”

  1. No homes will be demolished because this plan will never get off the ground. If he wins, proper studies will show the Richview Corridor has been sold, the curve at Mt Dennis will have to be so wide in a tunnel making a connecting station to the LRT impossible, and the ridership just isn’t there for the billions it would cost.

    Just convert the UPX to local service and extend the Crosstown to the airpot.

  2. Wholeheartedly agreed! Convert the UP Express into electric, multi stop and affordable main transit line for north west Toronto! As for Tory’s plans, cut-and-cover trenching for tunnels needs to have a wide allowance, even when going stright down the middle of a street. The TTC and Metrolinx wanted to expropriate and demolish houses and corner storefront in order to extend the Crosstown past Weston road, which MDCA fought against. Not sure how you cut-and-cover while doing a 60 degree turn through the neighbourhood without expropriations, and the Good Shepherd church is in the way. The further south you go to avaiod it, the further the station will be from the combined GO/LRT Station at Weston and Eglinton. This translates into another major cost for building another underground station that misses connecting with the GO/LRT hub.

  3. Some people are concerned enough to pay attention, and share ideas and analysis, and I am grateful for both. Not, however, for knee-jerk vitriol.

  4. I wouldn’t be too sorry to see some of the homes demolished on weston rd, some are in real shabby condition

  5. We need to proceed with a transit strategy that Toronto council will approve. Traffic congestion is seriously undermining our quality of life.
    Who is the best prospect to work with council to make it happen? I think it’s John Tory. Please go and vote and let’s get going!

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