Tory’s transit plan under attack. Again.

John Tory’s transit plan for Mount Dennis has come under scrutiny, and has raised some community hackles. The Globe and Mail sent a reporter out this past weekend to check it out.

His verdict? It’s never going to happen.

The city-wide problem is substantial: Tory doesn’t know how to pay for it. But the Mount Dennis problem is significant too: how can this mammoth thing be built on the cheap?

The article is succinct in its assessment:

Mr. Tory has said he won’t demolish homes or run surface rail through parks, so you cross off those areas. You can eliminate places where development is pending. The rail corridor will have to be at least 30 metres wide, so any open space more narrow than that is also out. After that it’s simple math. Metrolinx standards are that their trains cannot go up or down at greater than a 2.5-per-cent angle, a common passenger rail restriction….

This process suggests that, if the train goes underground at Mount Dennis, it cannot come above ground until just west of Martin Grove. It would emerge about 8.5 kilometres from the rail corridor where the tunnel began.


Tunnelling costs, roughly, $200–300 million per kilometre. The Mount Dennis section of the track would cost, then, about $2 billion—or about a quarter of the total budget. And that’s just for the Mount Dennis tunnel.

The SmartTrack plan isn’t popular with Mount Dennis residents either. The Mount Dennis Community Association issued a scathing press release that said, amongst other zippers,

“We’re not prepared to stand by and watch a plan unfold that could cause traffic chaos for residents, seriously hurt local businesses and divide this community in two without demanding answers,” said community association vice-president Jules Kerlinger. “And we want answers before the election on Oct. 27, not after.”

Tory has said that he will meet with the community association, though he hasn’t said where or when.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Tory’s transit plan under attack. Again.”

  1. I never really understood Tory’s smart-track plan. Why does in the east does it goes way up to Markham then in the west it turns sharply in Mt Dennis to what, airport corporate centre? And the way he’s keeps talking about he’s like a fast talking salesman which he probably got from his time at Rogers. (which he still is a board member). It would be maybe better to just convert the UP express to regular TTC above ground subway or LRT. The UP Express was never discussed at that YSW debate. All this talk about Tory’s smart track plan is diverting discussion about Rob/Doug Ford disastrous term in office. Which mayoral candidate Goldkind finally raised very well in the last debate.

    By the way does everybody know the 59 Maple Leaf bus is reducing service cause of lack of buses this week? It’s already crowded and unreliable since going all the time through Culford. This is an important issue than smart track. Only candidate I see talking about the poor bus service is Olivia Chow.

  2. Tory is the fast talking marketer and dodges fire t questions about hir transit plan and Chow has a plan that makes sense and uses resources of the TTC in a way that makes sense.
    We’re all experts in the bus disaster around here, and both Tory and Ford ignore the problem.

  3. Are you serious? A vote for Goldkind? You might as well stay home. He has less than a 0% chance. Lets be serious here. If Chow is polling at 20 percent or less the week before the election, and Ford and Tory are in a dead heat in the mid 30’s, then a vote for Chow only helps Ford. I hope Chow has the altrusitic sense of responsibility to her City that she talks about loving so much, and encourages her supporters to vote for Tory to rid ourselves of the Ford Abomination.

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