Townhomes proposed

Developers are proposing ninety-nine townhomes on the current site of the Satin Finish hardword flooring factory. The application will require a bylaw change.

The factory would be turned into 18 blocks with a single street entrance and four ‘mews’—small streets, presumably between the blocks. Traffic is already a bit of a mess around there and recently was made worse by the elimination of the right-turn lane into Crossroads Plaza.

The application was filed December 13.

8 Oak

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

13 thoughts on “Townhomes proposed”

  1. WTF!!! What an awful idea….one way street? for that many townhouses? needs more then one entrance that is for sure…..but this will cause more of a mess in the area now.

  2. All those houses right on the tracks, making Oak St even more impassable and all the construction traffic that building 99 homes will entail added to what we’re enduing from Metrolinx!

    Listen up, Frances Nunziata, and listen to your constituents. This is a bad idea for everyone except the developers and the construction industry.

  3. they are going to replace beautiful architecture with garbage townhomes. the bylaw changes should be denied. every year that goes by, weston is looking less like the place i grew up in and more like a depository for shitty planning. i guess we just got to get used to the fact that weston died a long time ago and this is just part of the decomposition process, slow and ugly. it’s no coincidence that our old fire hall is a parking garage for funerary vehicles.

  4. I don’t know what kind of shape the interior is in, but why not retain the main building on Oak and convert it into lofts? That seems to happen successfully in lots of other neighbourhoods across the city . . .

    I’ll bet the developer could even charge a premium for loft units and increase the profit margin . . .

  5. i like Paul’s loft idea…it’ll definitely class up the place and stop some of the bleeding.

    i agree with ‘anon’ … weston has become a depository for shitty planning – feels like i’m living an experiment. it seems bad change happens here because ‘the powers that be’ lack the insight and the education – formal or not – needed to make any meaningful contributions to the neighborhood we call home. not sure if common sense is learned or inherited but we deserve a city rep that has some. this is a bad idea frances. and you can’t use rob as an excuse. he’s over. wake up and start giving a shit.

  6. Oh you folks all know Frances doesn’t care…if she did she would of done what is right a long time ago….that is quit.

  7. Saving the shell of the old building with all its lovely brick work and then expanding into lofts, and getting large trees and some green space to counteract the concrete and asphalt, not to mention the diesel fumes to come, would be a great idea.

    Let Weston keep the bits of heritage we have left! And no to more traffic congestion!!

  8. One other thought on this . . . and maybe I’m too nostalgic, but the Satin Finish Silo should be preserved. I think it would make a great “focal point” for whatever gets built around it.

  9. paul, i would include the brick chimney as well for preservation. imagine putting a light inside of it, that would look awesome at night. imagine some nice big stainless steel letters down the side of that as well. would make a nice vertical sign.

    most of existing structures on that site have soo much potential. tearing them down for townhomes would be such a huge mistake.

  10. Paul’s preservation and loft conversion idea is great.

    There may even be room for tastefully designed semi-detached, 3 and 4 bedroom homes with 2 car garages and nice backyards like they built on the old A.P.Green Fire Brick site at Rosemount and Queenslea.

    Our dear Weston doesn’t need anymore insults from Frances and her get rich quick subdivision contractor buddies. They can go dump their ugly townhouses on younger and less historic areas of Toronto but not here, thank-you very much!

    The present intolerable traffic congestion has already seriously degraded our previously tranquil quality of life. Why add more insult to injury? Instead, let us recreate a vibrant, healthy community by adding new parks, recreation areas and build a community centre with an indoor swimming pool. We should also preserve our local hospital, extend GO Train service to all day all week, and encourage college campus development.

    Let’s not just dream it. Let’s build it and really enjoy it. Now that will be a great community!

  11. Isn’t this one of the last industries left in the area? Is Satin Finish moving/going out of business? We shouldn’t be getting rid of all of industrial lands as they (hopefully) employ locals which reduces commuting time and congestion.

    The older buildings should be given heritage designation as soon as possible.

  12. Great site Adam… this posting has actually upset me.

    Satin Finish is located up in Vaughan…they probably been sitting on this proposal for a long time waiting for the right time as they know they could probably get away with crap like this in Weston….just look at the past 10 years and the developments built in Weston…..most are crappy and already look as if they are falling apart…any other part of Toronto would fight along with their councillor to save the old buildings, intergrate them into whatever is built and actually have a true vision…

    How can we find out about future meetings etc??

    1. Thanks for the comments, concerns, (and especially the compliment). I will try to keep an eye on the development, but we


      benefit from more eyes on the ground. If you see signs up or catch a scent, let me know.

      And call your elected representatives——I’ll wager that Frances Nunziata’s office is in charge of permitting: (416) 392-4091.

      I’m less sure who would cover heritage buildings; both Nunziata and Laura Albanese likely play parts. Albanese’s number is (416) 325-3628.

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