Townhouse plans released

A simple pumpkin run turned into a candy battle last night, so your humble correspondent wasn’t able to make it to the planning meeting for the Beer Store townhouse development . Frances Nunziata’s people, though, have put the plans up on her site.

The proposal has 39 three-storey townhouses each with a small yard. There would be parking for two cars on most of the homes, and extra spaces for five visitors.

There are no plans for the condos, but each will be about 1300 square feet. The yards are much smaller—between 15’x15′ and, roughly, 15’x40′. Eight townhomes will face Weston Road. They will be four storeys tall, but will not have a yard.

All good developments have an aspirational-but-baldfaced lie for a name; my favourite is Oakdale Village by the Conservatory Group on Torbarrie road, where they razed a forest to put up a muddy suburb by the 400. Any contributions from our readers? A few from YHC:

  • Bottlecap lofts (let’s hope you don’t get staph from stepping on one)
  • The Beer Gardens
  • Stubbies’ flats (I actually like that name)

Townhouses copy


oakdale copy


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Townhouse plans released”

  1. Good day adam. I’m confused. The beer store lot site is large enough to hold so many townhouses plus 4 low rise condos? We are talking about the lot at weston rd between fern ave and kimg st?

  2. I accept the challenge and humbly submit the following naming ideas:
    Molson Mews
    Labatts Lane
    Corona Cottages
    Of course we could recognize the lawn bowling history of the site; how about
    Bowling Alley?

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