Traffic changes in Weston

Etobicoke York Commmunity Council has voted to make a two changes to parking in Weston. The changes are in response to the social club on Rosemount and to parking around Weston Memorial.

No stopping will now be allowed in the area around the new social club. Parking used to be forbidden, but no traffic will be allowed to even stop. City staff say there have been “illegal parking activities associated to the business” and that the “proposed parking amendments will address concerns related to the traffic congestion on Rosemount Avenue, created by customers of the business”.

Parking on John Street near the school will get easier. Stopping will be forbidden around the times that kids are coming and going but allowed during the day. Presently, stopping is forbidden between 8 and 4. Parking will now be allowed between 9:30 and 3.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.